Samy K and Sarah from The Kane Show Part 4 of Where Are They Now?

Here is Part 4, the final part of Samy K and Sarah from The Kane Show ‘Where Are They Now” – Samy and I chat about the following….

Would we ever do a show together?

Is Samy moving to NYC?

How the heck are Samy K and I currently paying the bills?

Would our show make it in NYC and beyond?

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Response (4)
  1. Jacqueline

    Aww watching these interviews made me miss y’all even more. You both are missed on the Kane Show more than you know. Best of luck in pursuing your dreams!

  2. Love the interview!! Wish you were still on the Kane Show. You were the best thing on it. Keep up the good work
    Emma in Baltimore

  3. Tosin

    Luv it! SARAH you are destined dor greatness..keep pushing. ..the skies the limit!!!

  4. Pilar F

    Great interview 😉

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