Compassion for Justin Bieber?

Being a celebrity subjects you to a certain amount of criticism, okay, a lot. Part of fame means you open yourself up to online abuse and late night fodder that just comes with the territory, but the recent abuse Justin Bieber received after begin arrested for DUI in Miami seemed like a new level to me. 

What Biebs did was illegal and dangerous. The combination of drunk driving and drag racing is inexcusable but can you honestly say you weren’t an asshole at 19 too? I was. I was an asshole thru college too, its amazing anyone from Mount Holyoke still speaks to me:/ 

Initially I jumped in on the making fun of and attacking Justin bandwagon. I sent out this tweet:


But after thinking about, recalling the two occasions I met Justin and his mother Patty, and the recent stories of Justin’s dad returning to his life after years of neglect it made me realize how Bieber found himself in the situation he’s in and have empathy towards him.

I first met Biebs and his mom Patty in DC at Hot 99.5. about 5 years ago. When I met Patty she seemed like a kid in a way too. Something about her was naive, sweet, and lost herself. It was interesting to watch how not one person in his entourage ever asked her what Justin should be doing or if Justin had time for that. Bieber had a record rep, his manager, and a local rep all giving him direction and instruction on what to sign, when to sing, and telling him about his next radio stop. It was like you could almost see Patty losing control of the situation…in a way it seemed like no one cared what she thought. Thinking back its kinda sad. I’m sure when Justin posted the Youtube videos of himself singing several years ago he thought fame and heart throb teen idol status were the goals but I wonder if he still feels that way now?

On top of that, can you imagine a father who didn’t want anything to do with you when you were nobody but suddenly appears back in your life once you’ve made it big time? Enter Jeremy Bieber…who thanks to his son now has 2 million twitter followers and the luxury of drag racing with him in Miami. It seems like those are huge decisions for someone just 19 to make. Regardless of how wealthy he is.  

Seth Rogen’s tweet really bothered me. I know he’s a funny man but WOW this tweet seemed extremely harsh.


I would have thought Seth might have had a little more understanding about Justin’s situation considering he’s been in the spotlight too. I know the tweets a JOKE…a JOKE but somehow I’m still not laughing. I’ve experienced fame on a very small level and you do begin to question so many things about yourself, I can’t imagine the isolation and pressure Justin must feel on his level.

I know there’s a lot more to the story we have no idea about and I’m not saying Justin shouldn’t have consiquences for his actions but how about a little more understanding, more love, more compassion? I know Justin appears to have a pretty damn good life and you’re probably saying to yourself…’Ok Sarah, he’s can control his own actions!!…’ you have a point, but as Ethel Kennedy said “No one in life gets a free pass” and we all know money doesn’t solve problems, so I’m thinking twice before hating on Justin Bieber. 

Xo, Sarah 

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