Samy K and Sarah Fraser from the Kane Show – Part 1 of “Where Are They Now”

Here is part one of Samy K and me sitting down and doing a reunion interview since leaving the Kane Show! We have been blown away at how supportive you’ve been to us and we wanted to give you an update and answer your questions from Facebook and Twitter. Thank you:) 

In Part 1 Samy and I answer the following…

Why we really left the Kane Show?

Would we go back to radio?

Would we ever go back to the Kane Show?

Email me anytime: and Part 2 will be out on Tuesday:) xo, frase 

Big Thank you to Jack Rose Bar in DC for allowing us to shoot our reunion interview in front of their toasty fireplace…

Response (13)
  1. Mahelet

    Sarah your answer here matches what u said when u left, that u wanted to transition to tv. but I clearly remember Samy leaving cuz he said he was going back to school. Did that not happen?

  2. Big Fan

    I, like many who have posted, also really miss you guys. I was around when the show started and I’ve been listening ever since but the show now just doesn’t vibe with me as much as when you both were on it. Actually, I often find myself irritated listening to the show on a regular basis but enjoy Kane and Erick so it’s hard to let go. It seems like you two are now on in a station in DC so maybe it’s time to test new waters with old friends. Seriously though, I really miss what you guys had all together. I know it’s just a radio show but after so many years of hearing you daily, it’s more of a friends club. I constantly text into the Kane Show asking for an update on you two (and of course get no reply, you only get a reply if you text anything about Danni, apparently) so I’m thrilled to have found this video!

  3. Jennifer

    I miss you guys SO SO SO much.

    I’ve been a long time fan of the Kane Show, and I loved everyone’s chemistry. Remember when you did your Starbucks v. Crap Coffee Challenge? Anyways, I remembered Danni from Bridezillas, and I got so mad that I found out she was your replacement (I know it’s a show, and you exaggerate for the cam…)! She’s still a great girl, but nothing like you.

    I’m glad you’re doing well and you’re back in the DMV area!

  4. Katherin

    I’m always going to miss the energy you three had together it was amazing! the new crew on the kane show is alright…but it will never be as good as you guys. I feel like your personality was so much fun daring, outspoken, didn’t care that’s what people want to hear the truth about certain situations. We don’t want people to be reserved. even though we gave u that one pass on your dating life sarah! lol

  5. Katherin

    Sarah we want to know if you and Samy still keep in contact with Kane?!!!!! what’s your relationship with him, his wife, and how do you guys feel about Dani, Mel and Internjohn?

    Do you guys listen to the show now? and if so do you think you guys did a better job at it?

    1. Sarah Fraser

      Hi Katherin – thank you so much for watching:) I haven’t spoken with Kane or Natasha since I left DC. I have listened to the show and I really enjoy dani, john, and mel…I think they’re doing a great job.

      I love your kind comments and thank you for continuing to follow me:)) xo

  6. Nikki

    i miss you guys sooo much. especially sammy

  7. Claudia

    Still miss Sarah and Samy!!!

  8. loyalfan1

    The new people are great sarah but you were the bomb

  9. TAMCAR04

    The show just isn’t the same without you two…I tried to keep listening but I eventually stopped.

  10. shoemebaby

    I miss you guys!! Glad you are happy, but the show’s quality is not the same. Thanks for doing this!

  11. Diana

    Sarah & Samy-
    You both are dearly missed on air! Danni/Mel/Intern John are a good replacement…but nothing will beat the energy you guys and Kane shared in the AM. I hope both of you are doing amazing things with your lives 🙂

  12. Lou

    The show isn’t the same without you two. Sarah, I used to have a crush on your personality :-). Although I love Samys replacement, I wish Sarah’s replacement would leave. I’m not a fan of her.

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