Samy K and Sarah from the Kane Show: Part 2 “Where Are They Now”

Samy and me at the Nats game:) 

Samy and me at the Nats game:) 

 In Part 2 Samy and I dish on the following…

Our favorite Kane Show moments…

Things you didn’t know about the show…

Does Samy wear boxers or briefs? PS the answer may gross you out:(

Thank you again for watching. 

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more xo’s than I can type, Frase 

PS – Part 3 will be out on my blog on Thursday.

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  1. Kat

    Thank you all for posting these updates! One of my favorites but not yours was the incident with Sarah’s purse and Samy’s vespa. I thought you all were never going to speak again. It just goes to show how strong and good your friendship is. Definitely miss you all on the radio every morning.

  2. Bron

    Thank you so much for doing this! I always felt like I didn’t have closure after you guys left. One thing I do wonder is whether or not the Kane Skams, Roses, Second Date Updates and all that stuff was faked or not. Thanks!

  3. tanisha

    Love it! I remember when Samy got stuck on the elevator! Hahaha, ask him to talk about that! Sarah I miss you totes on the show, and your big girl bag. </3 Love you guys!

  4. Sarah Fraser

    Jill! I love you, thank you. I really appreciate you watching and continuing to support me…I just know I’ll get the talk show too! I can feel it. Love you girl, Sarah

  5. Loved this! Thanks for sitting down and putting this together Sarah! I just know you will get your talk shoe one day! Love you!

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