This is a little scary but I’m putting it out there. Here’s my Goal letter

I use to have a giant easel in my apartment where I would write all my goals and intentions on a large piece of paper to remind me everyday of what I was working towards. It worked pretty well – I became a better on-air host and eventually took the steps to leave my DC gig and move to NYC. Putting your goals and intentions on paper is a really good thing. I found out thru my friend Sammy Simpson it can be even more powerful when you share them with others and kinda scary too. Sammy had suggested a couple of months ago that I write a letter to myself or to Sammy, being very specific about where I want to be one year from now. I did just that and decided to up the ante by sharing it with you, and hopefully encouraging you to do the same.


Are you willing to Facebook/tweet your followers or write a letter to yourself right now with what your goals are one year from now? A scary thought but also a great way to hold yourself accountable. After I sent Sammy my letter back in September we decided to take 3 goals from the letter and make a 90 day plan to make them happen. After the 90 days I evaluated what worked, what didn’t, and I’m going at it again.  My 3 focuses are morning show, production company, and salary. I’ve made some progress with production companies and believe I’ve finally landed a team to film my new “Hey Frase” show pilot. 


So – I’m hoping this letter will inspire you to share your goals and dreams too. Are you currently in a job situation you hate or have you been aching to start that business you’ve always dreamed of? Maybe putting it in writing and sharing that will be the steps you need to set it in motion. And if you’re up for it I would love to be a part of your journey and read your goals letter. Feel free to share:


Of course I will keep you posted on my progress…and feel free to email me anytime anything. Xo, Fraser 


Dear Sammy –

I can’t believe what has happened in one year! WOW, today September 8, 2014 I have my own morning show on a major TV network. The network is also broadcasting the show in 60 countries around the world. On top of that, the show is heard on 100 radio stations across the country and Hulu has also picked it up and airing a 30-minute show every weeknight at 9pm. I never imagined in this short period of time I’d be making a great salary – I will make $323,000.00 in this first year alone.


The show is very audience interactive. I have a live studio audience every single day…my demographic is women 18-49 and they’re really experiencing the passion of laughing, discovering something new about themselves, and I can feel the segments bringing the world closer. We had an awesome segment on ‘What negative thing does your parent say to you that is affecting your life,’ and the segment on ‘Why Europeans Can’t stand’ American’s had over 8 million views on YouTube.


I’m getting 400 emails a day from people who have made a change in their lives…women and men going for the career they never thought they could have, and a huge reaction to the segment ‘why a woman’s wedding day should not be the most important day of her life.’ My social networking numbers have gone thru the roof. 1,200,000 million people are now following me on twitter, 275k on my Facebook, and it’s growing. Oprah wants me to come on her Next Chapter show to talk about the segment I did on reformed female bosses and why they’re tougher on their female employees. I really feel the culture of this show taking hold and the movement growing.


Even more amazing four people who I’ve known, and who worked with me in DC have now moved to NYC and we’re working together. Unbelievable that they also feel and see the vision. I’m also negotiating to own production rights to my own show.


Thanks for everything Sammy and looking forward to having you on the show next week, Sarah 

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  1. Pilar J Quintero

    Love it. Good luck Sarah.

  2. Gemma Smith

    Love this letter Sarah! I’m so excited for you and your new journey. I’m glad we are Facebook friends so I can live vicariously though you. xox Gemma

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