Is this the worst job interview ever?

I went for a job interview a couple of weeks ago at a radio station here in NYC. I can’t decide if I’m being overly sensitive about what happened next or if I just experienced a somewhat sexist, being set up, or just horrible job interview? I thought you might be able to tell me if I’m overreacting or something similar has happened to you. 

I’m pitching my show all over NYC and to anyone who will listen. The rumor is that this radio station is making some changes and I was there to pitch the PD on my own show. Have you ever walked in somewhere or been in a situation where the person on the other side is looking at you like…”Why are they here?” That was the tone from the start. 

After we sat down I started to pitch this PD on my show…how it would be different and how much opportunity there is in NYC radio to do something different. I would say I got about 10 minutes into the interview when he said ok well…

“Here’s the thing, you’re a second. I’ve listened to your stuff and from what I hear and see you’re not a lead. I just don’t see you hosting your own show. And, I’m not going to take a risk on you. If I worked for a more progressive radio company I might but that isn’t what this place is. Also, maybe its me because I’m a native New Yorker but I have a hard time hiring someone who isn’t from New York. Its just something I can’t get over.”

…Ok – so I’m thinking where the hell do I go from here? I made a couple of other points and than the PD told me, send me some more clips, I need to go meet Mariah Carey. 

I have to say now that I’ve settled down the entire thing is comical and part of the Entertainment business but I left thinking two things…1) Why would I ever want to be in the radio business again, why do I do this?

2) Get ready…NYC is gonna take awhile to conquer

3) And…Radio is still a good old boys club where not many women are being hired to have their own morning shows. It either fires me up that I want to blaze a trail for women in radio or it makes me question am I wasting a lot of energy chasing a format that is only a piece of the puzzle. 

4) Or maybe I’m just being really sensitive about the entire thing. 

Anyway…because my life is always better than fiction I’m laughing about it now and it will make a great story to keep telling. What do you think? Any advice for me? Have you ever had a terrible job interview…what happened?

Email me anytime anything or leave a lovely comment and I will hit you back. Xo, Frase 

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