My mom has breast cancer.

I’ve been a little quiet on my blog over the past couple of weeks because of a little drama going on behind the scenes with my family, but I wanted to update you. About four weeks ago we found out that my mom has been diagnosed with Grade 1 Stage IIB Breast Cancer. I know for any of you reading this who have had a parent, spouse, brother or sister call you with that news it is the lowest low. The hardest moments, hours later, the saddest day. 

The past two weeks have been a lot of wait and see, which can drive you mad and I’ve had to really stay away from Google! The good news is a couple of weeks ago my mom had an MRI that had the doctors and all of us pretty upbeat. The cancer is contained to her one breast, it hasn’t spread, and it might not even be in her lymph nodes. She’s undergoing a sonogram on her lymph nodes tomorrow to see what the story is.

Initially I took this news so hard. It brought back and is still bringing back the sadness and fear I felt when my dad died of stomach and esophageal cancer when I was 15. I know she will beat this and I know that there is always someone out there right now receiving even worse news. This is definitely going to be a journey for Mama Frase, me, and my family but I know we will get thru this and be stronger because of it. 

Tomorrow we should her from her team of doctors on our course of action, if she will have surgery, then chemo and radiation, or how we take the next steps. But I’m determined we are gonna make it thru and as crazy as it sounds I even want it to be fun. So I would love to hear what worked for you or your family if you’ve been in a situation like this. And you know I love being funny….plus she’s a funny lady so any comedic skit ideas please feel free to share:)

More than anything this experience has reminded me how wonderful and supportive my stepfather is. Andy’s been so amazing and strong…I can’t believe he’s put up with my crap all these years!! I also have amazing friends who have offered everything they can. 

Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts a couple of weeks ago. I really am feeling much better and looking forward to joining a Breast Caner Support group and hitting Al-Anon meetings to get me thru. People have been amazing and now I feel like I want to give so much back…help others. So no need to write that you’re sorry to hear about the news. God has a plan and I know things are going to be great. I want to know how I can help someone else?

Email anything anytime, Sarah  


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  1. Kay

    I’m sorry to hear this. It will definitely be a journey for you and your loved ones. Stay positive and make sure your take care of yourself too. It takes a toll on everyone. I miss hearing you on The Kane Show.

  2. Melissa Rocha

    So sorry to hear that Sarah. You will be attending our Message of Hope Event in May and see that your moms story along with others battling cancer will inspire people. Always know you have a huge support system to get you through. I will be praying for your mom and your family.

    1. Sarah Fraser

      Melissa – Thank you so much. I can’t wait to be at the Message of Hope event! We love your prayers and my mom is beating cancer. Can’t wait to share her story and others. Xo, sarah

  3. Oh I’m so sorry to hear this Sarah. I’ll be praying for her as well as your family. I’ve had 2 aunts that have had it and they’ve both come out strong on the other side. I know your mom will too.

    1. Sarah Fraser

      YAYAY! Jill – thank you for sharing your aunts stories! I LOVE to hear that and it gives me soooo much hope. Yup, my mom is beating cancer. Xo, sarah

  4. Toni Benbow

    Praying for you Sarah! My mom has been free of cancer for a year or so and During the time she got diagnosed it was really scary. I just got a tattoo in dedication to her for being free for a year.

    1. Sarah Fraser

      Toni – I LOVE that your mom is cancer free. That is awesome. She will be cancer free for many years to come. Send me a pix of that tattoolove to see it. Xo, Sarah

  5. Meghan

    We had a Pirate Party for my aunt after she lost her hair. Scarves were the only things that were comfortable on her head- she never liked wigs. So we all wore scarves or bandanas on our heads and got eye patches. One cousin even got a HUGE pirate…costume? It was like 4 feet high, it braced on to your shoulders, and it looked like a mascot uniform. Coincidentally, our (super annoying) neighbor was shooting off a cannon for fun that afternoon. (You can’t make this stuff up.) One uncle put on the pirate costume and snuck into their backyard. Scared the living day lights out of them.

    Wishing you guys all the best.

  6. Diana

    I will pray for your family Sarah. I wish I could offer more.

    1. Sarah Fraser

      Dianayour prayers mean more to me than anything elsecan’t even tell you. I feel them from so many people. Please keep us in your thoughts. Xo, Sarah

  7. Lou

    Sorry to hear Frase! My mother was diagnosed and luckily it was early. She beat it and so will mama Frase!

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