You are closer than you think.

I’m still lying in bed with the flu:( Urgh…not so fun. I’ve been sick since Sunday, and at this point would you mind rolling me over so I don’t get bedsores? HA…I kid. Lying around has given me a chance to catch up on a crazy amount of TV and again realize that I’m in love with the internet.

House of Cards!? Why didn’t anyone sit me down and force me to watch this a year ago…amazing show. Wendy Williams, her wigs do look damn good. Queen Latifah, I can see why everyone likes her, always happy. She’s a little cheesy but fun. I’ve watched endless Billy on the Street, listened to Tara Brach, watched this Detroit reporter that I’m now obsessed with, Charlie LeDuff, and my new favorite Joel Osteen. 

I have never really paid much attention to Joel Osteen’s work. I like him. I like some of his quotes on twitter. But I’ve been trying to work on strengthening my faith so for some reason he popped into my head and I decided to give him a listen. I happened to click on a youtube video of him speaking on the idea that “you are closer than you think.” I LOVED it. 

It was exactly what I needed to hear. Last week I hit a milestone, it has officially been one year since I left the Kane Show and moved to NYC to build my dream. I’m making amazing progress but it doesn’t happen over night. In fact I’m learning that everything seems to take longer than you think and requires more money than you anticipate.  

I get lots of emails from you guys asking how to take the next step of launching your own business or quitting your job and my biggest piece of advice would be make a plan! Do your research and make a financial plan first, then whatever you come up with add an extra four months of savings to that because it takes awhile. I’m also finding that everyone has an opinion on everything you should and shouldn’t be doing. So pick your advice givers wisely. Who are people in your life saying things to you like…you’re closer than you think? 

Joel’s words really impacted me and I thought they might help you too whether you’re religious or not. Whatever business you’re starting, or if you’re ready to quit your job and go for your dream it will take time but remembering that you’re closer than you think will keep you going.

Hope you enjoy the video and let me know how you’re doing? Have you ‘quit this bitch’ yet and left your job? What is holding you back? Email me anytime anything – xo, Frase 


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  1. Steve

    You ARE closer than you think, Sarah… I feel sure of that. And Joel is very inspirational. I know many people think of him as Religion-Lite, but he is really a tremendous motivational speaker, with spirituality lessons built in. House of Cards… and Joel Osteen, huh. Amazing what you can catch up on when you’re down for the count!

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