What to say when a friend wants some free promotion!?

Dear Sarah, 

A friend of mine has decided that he’s going to launch his own podcast and called me to ask if I would promote it on my Twitter and Facebook pages with the link. I have a healthy online following from blogging. More than 10k Twitter followers and 7k Facebook followers. I would say that we are good friends but we don’t talk everyday. I really don’t want to promote his podcast, what if I don’t believe in the topics he’s discussing? But am I being a bad friend? My social media pages are really personal and I feel like if I give him promotion all my friends are going to start asking.

Any advice…? Kristy 

Kristy – Urgh…the stresses of being popular;) Here’s my thing…I think you have every right to ask your friend more questions about what his podcast is going to be about, how committed is he to it, and if you can hear a couple of podcasts before you promote. I don’t think you’re being a bad friend for doing your homework. That said if you do consider him a good friend and want that friendship to continue I would seriously consider helping him. Plus, you never know, down the road you might need promotion too…someone as ambitious as your friend might return the favor. 

Let us know what you decide. Sarah

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