This has been the most interesting year of my life and now something big is happening:)

There is so much I want to tell you right now but I can’t, I can’t say anything. All I can promise you is that you will pursue and pursue and pursue something and for a while nothing will pop. Every coffee-networking meeting will lead to a black hole. Every job application you send out will get no reply and every meeting with someone who loves you and promises they’ll follow up will end in you emailing them like a stalker.

But then something breaks. It pops. All of a sudden all the legwork you did comes together and the feeling in your gut changes. The confidence in your voice comes back. I have about 20 notebooks and all I do is take notes, plan, and project. You need a plan but more importantly you need to get started. 

Whatever your dream or goal is you have to get started. How it starts is not how it will end – YOU JUST HAVE TO START.  Turn that fire on that you have deep inside you and do it. Do it in a way that you’re unwilling to comprise, you are certain no matter how long it takes or where it leads you you are willing to see it all the way to the end. 

I’m really close to turning a corner in my career. There have been some slow moments but not once have I doubted that I would get what I wanted. And almost on a weekly basis I’m amazed at the people that turn up in my life. The right person at the right time who wants to be in on the journey. I’m keeping that voice of doubt in my head in check too. 

A couple of weeks ago I went to an orientation at Palmercare Chiropractic in Sterling, Va. Dr. Corey was telling us that one of the biggest factors that determines your overall health is your mental thoughts, and negative thoughts send negative feelings thru your body. Dr. C and his staff all wear rubber bands on their wrists and every time they have a negative thought about their body, a person, their career, they snap it against their wrist. Eventually you’ll retrain your thoughts. I have always believed your thoughts become actions. For me its been working. Good thoughts have equaled good things happening. At least I hope…otherwise I’ll be writing you again in four weeks with a different story and you’ll have to rubber band snap me back into place:)

More to come soon. Xo, Frase

What has been on your mind? I want to hear it all…don’t hold back:) I’m serious! 

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  1. debra broughton

    Well yay for you girl. Can’t wait to hear.

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