Want success? Aim Low

Have you ever said to yourself I’m going on a diet and it starts Monday? One more weekend of eating whatever I want and as much as I want but come Monday that’s it, I’m done, clean eating and working out 5 days a week after that. Ever been this person and ever had that diet fail? I have.

When I use to diet, the ‘start Monday’ diet probably happened over and over about 300 times, literally. Each time I would set strict guidelines of what I was going to do. Only one cheat day a week, must exercise 5 days, two of those days have to be a yoga class…no carbs after 3pm. And each time very quickly I would fail. I would set myself with unrealistic goals and the minute I got off the path I had set in my mind it was over, I never reached my goal. 

Only in the past two years have I started a new approach. My motto on having success with anything is literally start as small as possible and build…SLOWLY. 

And when I say with anything, I mean anything. If you’ve been dreaming about starting your own business, going back to school, getting healthier starting slowly and on a small scale will yield you bigger results than you can even imagine. 

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