Should I have genetic testing or not? My new health journey

I’m scared to death of getting cancer. I know its no longer a death sentence but having watched one parent die from it and one parent go through it, I fear hearing those words…’you have cancer.’ So I’ve decided to really take charge of my health. I’m starting to do the research for genetic testing. I know nothing about genetic testing….what kinds of cancers does it tell you you’re at risk for…breast, liver, all? What other diseases do they look for when testing?

I’ve started seeing a great doctor in Stamford, CT who suggested I start with a full physical and blood work. You might have seen my facebook/twitter post last week that I’m anemic and low in vitamin D. Dr. A said my numbers weren’t alarming but suggested I start on a women’s multi-vitamin with iron and a Vitamin D supplement. I have to say in just two weeks I’m already feeling less lethargic. 

The other part Dr. A suggested is a visit to the gastroenterologist. I feel as though I’ve started to develop IBS and I’ve become a little more alarmed to find blood in my stool at times. That has been happening on and off for two years. A few years ago I was assured by a doctor it was just a hemorrhoid or polyp and nothing to worry about but now I’m worried about it all the time:/ The gastro will be interesting…do I have colitis? I have no idea. I’m guessing at this point, but leaving my health to chance is no longer an option.

My mom’s recent breast cancer diagnosis has also made me really wake up to the fact that I can’t mess around with some of my old habits. Drunk smoking is out and I’m really limiting the number of drinks a week I have. I’m also taking a look at my diet. I’m a pretty healthy eater but I’ve become lazy at paying attention to where my food comes from and how it was made. I never really cared too much about GMO’s but now they sound scary. Also I have been in the habit of eating salmon but not really caring if it was farm raised or not…big mistake. Farmed raised fish contain a ton of chemicals. I’m really focusing on lowering my sugar in take and choosing when to buy organic or not. I figured during this year of transition I can’t afford to shop at Whole Foods so whatever is available will do but sadly I can’t afford not to. Gambling with my health is no longer an option.

So my journey starts. I’m taking baby steps now and I will keep you posted. Here are a couple of articles I’ve read about eliminating GMO’s from your diet and other healthy suggestions. 

Foods you’ll have to give up to avoid GMO’s

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I’m excited and nervous about this genetic test but I will keep you posted on if my insurance will even go for it and how much it will cost. 

Have you done genetic testing or a major overhaul of your health? I’d love to hear about it. Thank you for reading my blog. XOXO, Frase 

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  1. One Chicklette

    Love you!

  2. So glad you’re doing all this, Sarah! I’ve become obsessed with reading up on diet… I agree with your Whole Foods binge. Every time I’ve tried to sacrifice my health and shop cheaper, it always comes back to bite me :-/

    I’ve been spending the summer in France, and honestly the food feels so much better! GMOs are illegal, which already puts my mind at ease. And it feels like even the gluten doesn’t have the same effects (I get so lethargic back in the states… seems like there’s actually a difference in the wheat).


    One of my current reads is "Gutbliss", that focuses specifically on women’s digestive issues. You should check it out!

    Stay healthy strong and beautiful 🙂


    1. Sarah Fraser

      Alicia – Thank you so much and thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. The French know how to do it! I can’t wait to check out Gutbliss – sounds really interesting. You stay healthy strong and gorgeous toocan we add rich in there as well? LOL. We’ll take wealth too. I will keep you posted on the next steps and email me anytime when you find good blogs or books. Xo, Sarah

  3. Katie

    I did genetic testing last year for BRCA1 b/c my aunt had breast and ovarian cancer. I tested positive and have taken control of my health screenings. Knowledge really is power. Best of luck to you!

    1. Sarah Fraser

      Katie – You are super brave to take those steps! I admire that so muchwhat did the doctors say after you tested positive? Do they suggest eating a certain way or avoiding anything?? Do I have to give up booze? LOVE you. XOXO, Sarah

  4. Anna

    go for the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen shopping method for produce. Anything with a thin skin much be organic and anything with a thick skin can be conventional. Saves a ton of money when shopping!

  5. Good for you for taking charge! I certainly don’t have a whole foods budget either but that doesn’t mean I can’t eat whole foods. I gave up meat and it changed my health radically! The majority of my diet is plants and whole grains- just cut as much processed junk as you can to start and you will see a difference.

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