Do you need really need to WARN someone if you’re rocking this?

You know what…I’m proud to say I’m rocking a 70’s bush down there and I LOVE it. Yup, I’m actually blogging about my pubes and I don’t care. In fact ladies I think you should do it too. I’m following Cameron Diaz’s recent advice and I’m “In Praise of Pubes.” I think you’re gonna love a fuller bush and my guess is your partner will love it too. Seriously!

I really wasn’t going to blog about this because let’s be honest do you really care about my grooming habits? But I’ve brought this up to so many of my friends and they’ve been horrified I figured I needed to share.

I’ve been a faithful bikini waxer for years but a couple of months ago when things seemed to get crazy hectic in my life and not to mention I’m on a tight budget I decided to skip my $70 monthly bikini wax and go for a little growth. So a little growth turned into 4 months worth! HA…I will tell you I do a little trimming here and there but for the most part its natural. The interesting part is how people react when I tell them, they usually say something like…”Omg…get ready to start a brush fire.” to “You are going to warn someone before you hook up with them that you’re rocking a full bush right!?” What!?

So I’m asking this question…do you really need to warn someone before you hook up with them that you’re rocking a full bush? Why? And how does that conversation go…”Hey, hope you don’t mind but my vajayjay is fully dressed.”

I think this is totally crazy and scary that so many men and women believe you have to be ‘groomed’ in a certain way to be hot or sexy. I’m feeling really liberated and very happy with my recent bikini style and I say you rock it too. Spice it up and own it…if nothing else do it to hear and see people’s reaction:) HA…can you tweet me people’s responses when you tell them you’re all natural down there!? Twitter: heyfrase 

You are hot and sexy just the way you are. Fully dressed or hairless kitty…


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  1. Tami

    I am. 25. Starting to grow my bush back always. shaved or had a landing strip. Since 13

  2. pam


  3. Haha I love everything about this post! Thanks for being so honest! No, I def dont think you have to tell someone anything about your grooming habits prior to hooking up! If it gets to that point and they are that shallow they weren’t worth your time anyway. Better to find out early than keep it going with a d bag!

  4. Den Augoustatos

    Good for you!!! Bald is over rated and looks like a 10 year old.

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