My Secret Is Almost Out.

Wow! This is a big day for me. If you would have told me a year ago that I would be back home in the DMV after moving to NYC I wouldn’t have believed you. I would have thought you were certifiable cray. 

This moment is amazing. I’m excited, nervous, and a little scared to not only be living my dream but now building it. I’m also excited because I have two amazing people that are joining me on this journey that I can’t wait to share with you. Below is the teaser video that I sent out on my social media pages yesterday. I would love if you would share this blog with your family, friends, everyone you know. I try to only ask you for things when I really need them and over the next week, I REALLY need them. 

Here is my twitter…heyfrase. If you could retweet the video today and leave a comment on my blog I would LOVE you forever. Hope you’re great and now we get to see each other everyday. XO, Frase

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  1. Tiff

    So now that the news has been out for a bit, I have a serious question which is not aimed at pitting people against each other. As a long time Kane Show listener, I was happy to see you make such a courageous step to leave the show and try to make your dream of having your own talk show a reality. However, I was also sad to see you leave because you added a lot of great qualities to the show. Now, that you’re back in the DMV and with your own show (Congratulations btw!), I was shocked to see that Mel is a co-host. I can imagine that you two had a great working relationship while you were part of the Kane Show so it would make sense to try and bring that to your awesome new show. Now, on to my question: Are you not genuinely concerned about Mel’s professionalism after she left her previous job so abruptly and in the manner in which she did? I am aware that I only know about what she posted on her twitter page, and from Kane’s "family meeting" that took place after Mel had left so I am sure there are plenty of things that many people don’t necessarily have insight to. Therefore, I am not trying to pit anyone against each other, but I am curious in a completely professional sense if that wasn’t a concern that you had especially as you begin this new but also extremely important chapter in your life.

    Again, I really hope this doesn’t make you upset, and I really do wish you the best on your new show.

    1. Sarah Fraser

      Tiff – Good morning my dear, how are you? I really appreciate your comment and concern. Means a lot that you want me to get off on the right foot. Here’s what I can tell you for sure is I’ve worked with Mel for years and she’s an incredible hard worker, loyal, and honest. Unfortunately I don’t believe you got the entire story from the Kane Show. I always feel like there are two sides to every story and the truth is in between:)

      I hope things are amazing with you and have you had a chance to listen to Sarah, Ty, and Mel? I would love for you to listen and give me your feedback. Have an amazing day and love you lots for sending me this email.

      XOXO, Sarah

      1. Tiff

        Hi Sarah,

        Sorry it took so long, but I started school and things go busy as usual. So the first week or so of your show seemed a little forced so I didn’t listen as long. Now, I think that you three seem to be more comfortable with each other as well as are finding your niche within the show so I really enjoy it now. I also really like that you guys play more music and WAY less commercials during your show than some of the other radio stations so instead of having to go through my flipping of radio stations whenever commercials are on, I can almost always count on being able to listen to you guys or to music on my drive to work.

        One last thing I wanted to comment on… I was worried when I first started listening that your on-air conversations wouldn’t be as interesting to listen to since you and Mel are so similar. I was worried you would both agree on everything which is nice, but not always super interesting. However, I have noticed that you both are in VERY different stages in each of your lives so you both bring very different perspectives to the table so I enjoy listening to what you all have to say.

        Thanks for responding responding to my initial question, and I’m so glad you’re back in the DMV 🙂


  2. So excited for you all and will gladly have you all on in our salon! Love you!
    Lauren Salzberg

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