Advice Thursday. A Break up might be the best thing for your career!

Hello my friends! Happy Thursday. As I’m getting settled at DC’s 107.3 and being back in the DMV, I’ve decided I want to bring back Advice Thursday on a regular basis. I love getting, hearing, and giving advice. Whenever I get calm in my life and I’m open to really listening to people I learn a ton. Advice Thursday’s is all about sharing with you what I’ve learned so far in life. My life is an open book and as scary as that is sometimes to be totally transparent, its who I am. My hope is that by sharing my experiences it will give you the courage to say YES to life, and the power to stand up for yourself when enough is enough. 

This week’s Advice Thursday was inspired by the golfer Rory Mcllroy, who just won the PGA Championship and the U.S. Open. Last week Mcllroy mentioned that breaking it off with his fiancé gave him the time and mental ability to focus on his game (He’s since backtracked on that statement…now saying the break up had nothing to do with the winning streak but I disagree).

So here’s my advice on how a break up can be good for your career. You can email me anytime anything… 


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