What’s not wrong right now

One of my favorite quotes of all time is…

“What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our head of what it’s supposed to be.”

― Socrates

You know what!? I get caught up in the way things ‘should be’ and it sucks. I’m sure you know what I mean. Have you ever been on a gorgeous vacation or at a 5-star dinner and miserable because things weren’t exactly how you planned them? It happens to me all the time. In relationships and work. Instead of focusing on everything that’s not wrong right now…I focus on all the things that are. 

On Friday I was chatting with my dear friend Flounder whose done a lot of work on himself emotionally and spiritually. I was venting to him because a bit on the radio didn’t go the way I wanted. Without going into a lot of detail Flounder started reminding me about everything that was RIGHT in my life. At first I didn’t listen and I continued on my complaining rant that things aren’t happening fast enough…why am I not at a certain place in my career. Flounder stopped me and said…”Sarah if you don’t start being grateful for what you do have you’re not going to attract what you want.”

Boom in that one moment I knew he was exactly right. I get caught up in the picture of what life ‘should be’ all the time and I’m missing the point of why I’m here and what I’m meant to do. I’ve done this in relationships too. When a man doesn’t say or react exactly the way I want him to I want to quit and walk away but there is great power when you stay and overcome something that isn’t perfectly the way you want. It makes you stronger. 



In the past year I’ve noticed a personal character trait that I’m not to proud of. It feels something like ‘when the going gets tough…I want to get going,’ not a trait that attracts a lot of people. I usually feel this way in relationships and work, that I expect everything to go my way or people to agree with my point of view and when that doesn’t happen my first instinct is to run and quit. 

A recent example happend on Friday when I was telling my friend Flounder about a work situation I was frustrated with. 


Even though I have everything a person could ever ask for, a great childhood, close relationship with my brother, good friends, a terrific job, kindest boyfriend I often find myself in a mental rut of all the things that I DON’T have right now. How everything isn’t perfect just this second. I don’t have the exact talk show I want, someone else seems to be getting ahead before I am, I have a great job but it’s not in NYC. 

do you have the attitude that if everything isn’t perfect than you can leave. wtih dan…if things aren’t perfect all the time i want out. same with a job. when the going gets tough i get going.

Have you ever been on vacation somewhere beautiful and warm and still been miserable? I’m lucky to have some amazing friends. Truly amazing men and women. So good in fact when I get in my hurricane Sarah mood I wonder why they even stick around?

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