Archive: September 2015

Did I just get my image and joke stolen by a famous comedian?

I woke up Sunday morning to several instagram tags and tweets that famous comedian Nick Swardson decided to use a picture of me from my instagram. Not only did he use my pic he also used my butt darts comment and turned the idea into his own post. First, I was very flattered and still am but...

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The Happy College Girl Summit

When Sarah Greenberg approached me to be a part of her cool Happy College Girl Summit I couldn't say no. Sarah came up with the genius idea of doing a series of podcast interviews with health coaches, radio personalities, bloggers and more in order to help college students navigate their time at...

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Would I recommend a career in radio?

When something keeps popping up in my life I take it as a sign. This week it happens to be the question of would I recommend someone get into radio? And I'm not co-hosts Ty and Mel get asked the same question all the time so we decided to discuss it tomorrow on the show. Be listening to...

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