I’ve made a decision about if I’m going to talk about my past on The Kane Show

A couple of weeks ago I did a blog post about my ‘reflectolutions’ of 2015. In the post I made reference to the fact that nearly two years after I left The Kane Show and Hot 99.5 I still get loads of emails, facebook messages, and private tweets about the ‘real’ reason for my departure. I asked you guys what you thought about it…should I talk about it and tell all or just let it go? Here’s some examples of what you had to say…

‘Sarah! Been following you for years and really loving your blog!
I think you should leave your history with 99.5 behind and focus on your present at 107.3. It’s clear that you may not have left on the best of terms with Kane but that’s not necessarily for public consumption. I understand people are curious. I am definitely am!! But radio is a small industry so why not take the high road and keep things as professional as you can? If you left because you didn’t think Kane was running things well, he wasn’t the nicest person, etc, just use that experience to be all the things he wasn’t as the boss at your new job. That’s the best way to handle the experience, in my opinion :)’

And this…

‘I agree with Tiff. I loved you on the Kane show. Since starting your own morning show, I feel like every time I listen I hear jabs and digs at 99.5. I even heard a time when you were doing your guys on tinder segment, there was a guy named Erik and Mel asked “Does he work for clear channel?”. I wish you guys could do a once-and-for-all “here’s what happened” and move on. I love that you guys do your end of show “positivity” segment, but I wish you guys would do that throughout the whole show instead of two minutes at the very end.’

So after consulting my life committee…or team Sarah as I call them I’ve made a decision. PSdotcom I think everyone should have a life committee. If you don’t already have one…these are people that have your back, have different life experiences than you, have your trust, and have no problem saying NO to you when you need it!

So…I’ve decided I’m not going to talk about it.

I was all set to put it all out there and really tell the world what happened but for what good? What purpose does it serve? To tell you what you already know? Everything you need to know about my relationship with Kane or why I really left can be answered in the fact that the 3 original cast members all left. Enough said. One of my friends…we’ll just refer to her as J gave me the best advice. She told me that over her 20+ career she had been wronged and poorly treated at a company she was at. After she left she couldn’t wait to tell anyone who would listen how awful it was but after she’d go into her story almost everyone would say things to her like…’Wow, sounds like you’re really bitter about it’ and ‘I guess you’re not over that experience.’ 

I’m not that person and I don’t want to be that person. My life is not about being bitter or stuck in the past. I’m moving forward. I have everything to be grateful for. A cancer free mom, a wonderful family in Maine that has supported me no matter what, a great boyfriend, and the best gift of all the Sarah, Ty, and Mel show. Working with my good friends and making history…being one of the only morning shows in the country with two female leads and names on the show! THAT is HUGE. That is what I’m about…breaking ceilings in radio and media. So that is it. No tell all…don’t get me wrong I like a little competition and a little shit talking every once and awhile but I’m choosing to take the experience of the past and better myself now. 

What do you think? Do you think when you talk negatively about your past it only makes you look bitter? 

Love to hear your thoughts…comment below my dear. Xo, Frase 



Response (73)
  1. Fan in Seattle!!

    Hi Sarah!

    I know I’m a little late to the party, but I just have to comment. I just have to say I LOVE the new show!! I was so excited when I saw the teaser on your and Mel’s IGs. Ty is a great addition and I love Samy and I’m so glad he’s with you guys.

    Back to the subject at hand. I am, along with a ton of other people, extremely curious as to the real reason you three left. However, it’s pretty obvious now, so I’m more than satisfied with your decision. I totally respect it. I didn’t really question it when you and Samy left because it was announced ahead of time and it seemed legit. With the addition of the new co-hosts, I found myself listening less and less. Especially when one would continually either cut Mel off or talk down to her. That had me fuming. Then it seemed as if Mel was hardly ever included on the show anymore. The writing was on the wall. Next thing I knew, she was gone.

    The thing that showed me Kane’s true colors was how he handled her departure on air. I was disgusted. Because of the time I’m getting ready for work in the morning (3am pacific time) I reluctantly went back & listened. What did I hear? Back-handed comments from "Intern" John about Mel. That was it.

    I’m so glad you all have pretty much stopped the jabs at the other show. Honestly, it started to make me uncomfortable. You guys are so much classier than that. I have to admit, it makes me laugh when Ty refers to "Peter." He seems like the protective big brother. 😉

    You guys are doing an awesome job and I can’t wait for the day when STM (and Samy) are officially #1!!

  2. Michelle


    I can’t tell you how ridiculously happy I was to have heard you came back to DC with Samy and open your own show. I’ve listened to it since August back and forth with the Kane Show, but I realized for the last couple months, I only exclusively tuned into your station. I even deleted iHeartRadio. You guys bring back all the good memories that I used to have sitting in the car every morning through highschool and college. Now you have your own show, it’s nostalgically wonderful, like a group of old friends finally meeting together and talking about anything, even though I’ve never met you guys at all. Ty is a smart addition to the cast and I’ve grown to like him a lot as well. Regarding Mel, as others have pointed out, she still leaves a bad taste in my mouth about how she handled her situation with Kane Show with her endless snarky messages on social media. Obviously I am clueless of what really happened, but that’s truly not a good image for you guys or for Mel. I understand you’d like to not talk about this drama in the past, but I think you should clear it up once and for all, at least the Mel part as to how she became so bitter to a radio station where she many times said on the air was "her family."

    With that said, I’ll continue listening to you guys exclusively, and I wish you all the best of luck 🙂

  3. Michelle


    I can’t tell you how ridiculously happy I was to have heard you came back to DC with Samy and open your own show. I’ve listened to it since August back and forth with the Kane Show, but I realized for the last couple months, I only exclusively tuned into your station. I even deleted iHeartRadio. You guys bring back all the good memories that I used to have sitting in the car every morning through highschool and college. Now you have your own show, it’s nostalgically wonderful, like a group of old friends finally meeting together and talking about anything, even though I’ve never met you guys at all. Ty is a smart addition to the cast and I’ve grown to like him a lot as well. Regarding Mel, as others have pointed out, she still leaves a bad taste in my mouth about how she handled her situation with Kane Show with her endless snarky messages on social media. Obviously I am clueless of what really happened, but that’s truly not a good image for you guys or for Mel. I understand you’d like to not talk about this drama in the past, but I think you should clear it up once and for all, at least the Mel part as to how she became so bitter to a radio station where she many times said on the air was "her family."

    With that said, I’ll continue listening to you guys exclusively, and I wish you all the best of luck 🙂

  4. Keo

    Some of you posters need to take the wax out of your ears. Intern John has taken swipes at Sarah and Mel but he does it in a way where it goes over your head if you’re not paying attention. Kane even took a dig as well hit being mr political, he quickly backed down and moved on. I’ll be honest and say that it still bothers me that I don’t know what went down because I listen to both shows every day. There are so many unanswered questions that I guess will never be answered. Anyway, Sarah you kick so much ass and I will always be a fan.

  5. George S

    Hey Sarah,

    To be honest, this all kind of sucks. I have been a fan of kane’s show for years – since back when you and samy were a part of the family there. I loved the show, and I was very sad when samy and then later you left. I remember so many funny moments from back when the original crew was together (summer of death, big girl bag, etc.). But, in my head, I was able to let you guys go. It sounded as if you were both headed off to try to find your next big thing, and I couldn’t blame you because (as some people have pointed out below) it was the "Kane" show. Can’t fault you guys for wanting to be the headliners of your own thing.

    In the years since, I grew to love the new cast members – and I do like them just as I liked you guys. I really liked having Mel on the show. But when she left, I saw that there was clearly something else behind the scenes that I didn’t understand. The main thing that I took away from that was that I disliked how that whole scenario went down – Mel’s leaving so suddenly that it drew lots of confusing questions and with lots of snarky images and text from her online. I think Mel could have handled that much much better.

    Since then, I have continued listening to the Kane show. I am not sure what just piqued the curiosity in my head, but I randomly just wondered what you were up to now. I was exited and intrigued to learn that you formed a new show. Reading this post though really… didn’t make me happy. I guess I enjoyed being oblivious to whatever it is that was going on the scenes (that you still won’t talk about), but alluding to the problems really didn’t help anything. I just really don’t think it is a good look.

    Admittedly, I am still a big fan of the Kane show. Now that I have learned you guys started another show, I’ll try to give you guys a listen. Being honest, unless it is significantly better I probably won’t make a permanent switch away from my home team. And also (sorry to say) hearing that Mel is on it really brings back some of the upset feelings I had about how she left. It’s going to be hard to overcome that.

    End of the day, you can do whatever you want. You guys all work in the same business, and you can handle things however you want. Though I think overall I am a bigger supporter of being "the better person" and not calling people out behind their backs. And unfortunately, I feel that this post was essentially doing that (without actually doing it).

    Good luck with everything, wish you success in your show on 107.3.

    1. Sarah Fraser

      Hi George – Thank you for finding my blog and leaving a comment. I hope you’ll check us out on 107.3 and let me know your thoughts. I would love your feedback. As you knowI share everything with you and those who have followed and supported me for years. This post was in response to the fact that 3 of the original cast members left and many people concluded there was a problem. Therefore I decided to post this blog that I’m not going to go into detail about. Thank you for understanding and I look forward to hearing you feedback on our new show. I think you’ll love hearing Samy again and Ty is an awesome additiona sound voice of reason 🙂 Have a great weekend, Sarah

  6. Sarah

    I agree with a lot of the comments! I wish you would clear the record and leave it behind once and for all. I definitely prefer you guys over 99.5 and love you all with a passion, BUT I don’t love hearing about HOT 99.5 on your station! I’m with you all now, I don’t need or want to be rewarded for making "the switch". It just feels negative :-/ I would way rather hear your point of view so we can all accept what we already know (Kane’s a douche) and move on!

  7. Oh, Sarah! This is your buddy, Hilary! It all depends..I’ve had crappy work experiences and there’s always a silver lining. Those who needed to know the truth eventually did. However, because of the public nature of this circumstance, think about how it would look like in 5, 10 years. Does it matter? If it does, then, by all means set the record straight. If not, and you can be at peace with it because you are able to rise about it recognize that you are the being respectful and honoring your own integrity, then who cares. The truth evenutally does come out, whether you broadcast it, or not. The point is, do what is best for you. Period. Love you girl, no matter the circumstance! You rock! XO Hilary

  8. Spider

    Hey there Sarah – I just stumbled on this blog (knew about the podcast and somehow missed this?) Anyway, I think a lot of people can relate to a negative past experience with a job or a boss and you deciding to keep it in the past and "keep it movin" (as they say), will only be more empowering later. You know I LOVE STM and I’m always making stupid comments via twitter, so I’m happy to hear that you are staying positive. Says a lot that 3 original members are no longer there… Congrats and hope ya’ll are around for a long time! The show makes my long commute more than tolerable. Your one and only Spider ; P

  9. Kristen

    Hey! It’s hard moving on from a great job that doesn’t have a great team vibe. We all have been there. What you have said has given the listeners who were there with you from the jump enough context. The one thing I have learned is not to burn bridges. You never know when you have to face these people again and you what do so with your head high and a smile on your face as if to say "I got this, whatever you threw at me didn’t kill me and I’m loving life" – that which I think you’re doing. Good luck and chick I’m still listening!!!

  10. Jimmie M.

    Anyone can hold a grudge, but it takes a person with character to forgive. When you forgive, you release yourself from a painful burden. Forgiveness doesn’t mean what happened was OK, and it doesn’t mean that person should still be welcome in your life. It just means you have made peace with the pain, and are ready to let it go. Bravo Sarah!!!

  11. SB

    We worked together a bit during your Metro Traffic days and I just wanted to offer a bit of congrats here. You had a great rise in your career on the Kane Show. After you left, it would have been easy to give up when the going got hard and leave this silly media business. I saw the swoon potential. But you persevered and are now doing better than ever. Dozens of people are here, commenting on your personal blog. I suspect I don’t even need to tell you that having devoted haters is just as good as having fans. Keep up the good work.

  12. Matt

    "I’m not going to talk about it, but let me spend a little time here making insinuations and veiled accusations that make all of you curious, when you may not have been aware of anything before… and then, after making you curious, I’ll just leave it there, so you’ll keep begging me for more."

    Yeah, real classy. You know what class would have been? Not teasing some kind of tell all story to get clicks. Or leaving your past truly in your past and not even insinuating anything in the first place.

    Your maturity level is very low, Sarah. This is the kind of thing a 15 year old High School kid would do.

  13. Katie T

    I will say, I have never once heard The Kane Show talk about you guys at 107.3, but I have heard you guys make digs about them often. It makes your show seem 2nd rate, and afraid and yes, a little bitter. I hope you guys find your stride, and I will continue to flip to your station from time to time- but I will not listen to the trash talking. Nothing makes me change the station faster. My fave has been the #tbt mixes but I’m not sure if you’re still doing them. Anyway, you go girl. Be happy. Be bold. Be you. Let go of the past and move forward because your future is bright.

  14. Jmichaels

    7 reasons and then some…..

    1 F the haters

    2 This is your story and your blog. I get that you are a public figure but you have a life and feelings too.

    3 You are so good at what you do and you will exel at no matter what you do. You don’t get your own show without being good at what you do.

    4 It is your show (withTy and Mel) so do what you want and say what you want.

    5 There is no way that you will be able to please 100,000 some listeners at once.

    6 Karma is a bitch and those that have treated you or anyone badly will pay for it in the end.

    7 I don’t understand why people who don’t listen to STM or have hate towards you are reading your blog or giving their two cents. They need to shut up and stop typing.

    Ps.com I loved you on the old show and now I only listen to you. I think your show is just what the DMV needs. It won’t be long before you are in other cities. Mel is amazing and talented. We are both Britney’s bitches. Ty and Sammy are also amazing talent. I love that they are real and there is no BS with them.

    Moral of this.com – you can’t please everyone and honestly, you don’t want these haters listening to your show anyway.

    STM #HeyFrase #Fthehaters #Youbetterworkbitch #107.3 #DMV#1station (can you use two has tags?)

  15. Joanna

    You are so refreshing!! Keep up the amazing work. Making the switch was the easiest decision I’ve made in awhile! Much love to you, Ty and Mel!

  16. Mollie

    I love your show and the Kane show, but this might as well be a tell all. You are basically saying Kane did something wrong so everyone left. Talking about "not talking about it" is STILL talking about it.

  17. Frogger

    I stopped listening because you and Mel take little jabs at 99.5 and it isn’t mature or professional. You came out on top! Keep on trucking.

  18. Nutmeg96

    I once read about a study that found that when you say bad things about another person or experience, the listener processes the information in the part of their brain that is about YOU, not the other person/experience. So I think J is right on target.

  19. Dawn

    Sarah, most of these comments here, talking about being negative, are probably negative people themselves….I think your show has really grown, and I really think you, Ty & Mel, make a great show….you know, the greatest billionaires in the world have overcome great adversities. I think you have taken the correct path, don’t talk about it, let it go, and in the end….your show will reap from that. "The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it."
    – Woodrow Wilson

    1. Sarah Fraser

      DAWN! I adore your comment! Thank you so much for getting me and getting the showyou are totally right. I’m saving that Woodrow Wilson quote – Might have to tweet it. You rock and thank you again, Sarah
      PS – your post gave me goosebumps. I know you’re right.

  20. Ashley

    Sarah, To be honest I am confused. I honestly thought you left the kane show because you wanted to pursue tv. I remember watching the update you did with Sammy about kane show and you didnt say anything bad about him. You even said he was a great host. But now you are back and you sound so damn bitter and immature. I do agree with someone who said you sound like a spoilt brat who throws a tantrum when you dont get you way. stop talking about your bf on air like that, poor guy. anyways let it go move on because kane doesnt care about you.

    1. Sarah Fraser

      Hi Ashley – Thank you for reading the blog post and sharing your thoughts. As you can see it was much more complicated than me leaving to pursue my TV career and that is why I wrote this blog. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I share all. The good, the bad, and the moving on. For me this post was doing just thatmoving on. You are rightI’m very lucky to have a great bf and our relationship is a lot of joking and a lot of fun. I hope that comes across on the show too. Hope you’ll continue to check us out on 107.3 Xo, Sarah

  21. Lola Hansen

    Hi Sarah I really miss you on the show but it sounds like you made the right move and your happy. My big sister always tells me to let go and move on because the past only weighs you down from achieving great things in the future. Good for you! Bitter I don’t think so just a smart lady like you are. Good luck and much happiness. BIG HUG LOLA

  22. Trishalicious

    Frase –
    I find it ironic all these people saying you’re negative, you bash The Kane Show etc….b/c all of their posts sound negative as shit. A part of life is competition. Screw the high road! Everyone deserves to get their side/version/opinion out. While it’s your choice, and I respect it, I wish you would’ve talked about it! I’ve always been curious b/c you and Sammy made that show. It’s never been as good since you both left…..but anyway, maybe I’m being selfish as to be so curious, but if you ever want to talk about…..I will gladly listen 🙂 It might feel like a weight off your shoulders hahaha!

  23. shay

    Sarah I started listening to 99.5 when you,Sammy and Kane were on. Then Mel came on and now the crew today. Honestly yea people wonder when voices change on the radio but who cares. The radio business is probably like any other business. People come and go. I love the road you took. I listen to your show and Kane’s show. I think you both have great shows. I think its great you now have your own show.now Sarah. There is so much hate and negativity in this world. You dont owe anyone any explanation.

  24. Vanessa

    I think you sound bitter. Kane never says anything bad about people who have left, or other morning shows, even if they are competition. Making snarky remarks makes your show seem immature and bitter.

    1. Sarah Fraser

      Hi Vanessa – Thank you so much for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts. You’re right on those snarky remarksthat is why I decided to address it and move on. Hope you’ll check out 107.3 🙂

  25. Jenny

    After reading the comments my memory is coming back now and I totally forgot there was a morning show long before Kane. I remember when they got rid of them I was pissed!! Pissed! Never wanted to give Kane a chance but I did because I always liked you. As the years went on I tend to warm up to him and even Sammy. But once Sammy left I felt as there as the chemistry was gone and something was wrong. Then when that very annoying obnoxious Intern John came in the show wasn’t the same. I was very excited to hear you came back to radio, and with your own show! I was proud of you. You are a very powerful person and deserves everything that comes with that. It’s taken me a while to warm up to Danni and even then she is too assertive in some topics. She isn’t you and never will replace you. Side note they pushed Mel to the curb on that show. I don’t know what happens there but I’m glad she is with better hands now. You don’t need explain your reasonings for leaving. But know As much as you don’t want to there will be just as much of us asking. You go girl!

  26. Cait

    You’re making the right choice. I cringe when I hear you guys make a snarky comment about your old jobs/co-workers. Like most people, I switched back and forth between KS and STM each morning, but eventually I just stopped going back to KS. Your show is THAT good, but my one complaint is the shit talking. It might only come out here or there, but it adds up and unfortunately it makes you look bad, not them.

    P.S. Ty is wonderful!!!!

  27. Eddie

    The pass is the pass that’s why we have scars to remember them but I have to agree with everyone’s opinion moving forward is best, and above all we don’t stop straight to the top okay! Team Sarah forward!

    1. SA

      What pass?

  28. Seabolt

    Good for you, Frase. Onward and upward!

  29. lb

    Long time fan but first time reading your blog….I’m glad you are choosing to leave the past where it belongs and continue to focus on the present. I wish your show and Kane’s the best and glad you are back on radio…’Let the Play’

  30. Erica

    There is an old Asian story about an emperor and his two servants. The servants have to carry the emperor over a little piddle that could have been easily walked around. One of the servants can’t stop complaining about this. The other eventually says something like "why are you still carrying this? I set him down along time ago".

  31. EF

    It took me a long, long, LONG time to come around to The Kane Show because I loved Mark and Kris from the Hot Morning Mess so much. He left a bad taste in my mouth when he would bad mouth them, having never even known them. I never have really come around to Kane, it’s been the people around him that have made him who he is. I always thought he was a jerk when someone disagrees with him. So I became a fan of you and you alone on that show and liked Mel when she joined. And now, I’ll be 100% honest, I love Danni just as much as I loved you on that show. When STM started, I flipped back and forth between both shows depending on what everyone had going on. That being said, recently, I haven’t listened to any of you because of all the drama on both sides. All of you have to take a step back and stop. Both shows are going to lose loyal fans like me who bounce back and forth because we shouldn’t be made to feel like we have to choose a side. I wish both shows the best of luck, and for that reason, I think it’s time both shows say screw the drama and move on.

  32. Ghizal

    Sarah Sarah Sarah,

    I used to listen to Kane show religiously. I would refer to everything with "well Sarah said this". You, Sammy and Kane made it work. I loved your openness about your life and relationships.
    Then Kane brought on Intern John. Omg is that guy annoying. He makes me cringe. Kane has no control over him, and very often he makes Kane look stupid on his own show.
    Danni- ugh that girl thinks she knows everything. Point being, I hate the Kane Show. It’s hanging by a thread. They never talk about you. As much as I want to know what happened, it doesn’t matter because it already happened. Kane has a shitty crew right now.
    I switched to Elvis Duran Show. Man, that is one kick ass show. Take clue from them. Have a good time on your show. Do you have podcasts of your show on iHeart?
    Ty- really kinda makes your show not so good
    You wear your heart on your sleeve, and sometimes that makes you bleed.
    You have this opportunity right now to make your show number 1. Make it your year.
    However, if you’re anything like me, then you won’t be able to move on unless you state your side. Maybe just do it on your blog.
    Sometimes when we speak of what we feel, only then,do we begin to walk again.
    Good luck Sarah!

  33. Erika

    Reason number 223567541184 why I adore you. Class act, Frase, class act. Hear you tomorrow 🙂 XO

  34. Eleni

    I’m happy for you, Sarah! You should be proud that you now have your own show which I really enjoy! I was an avid listener of the Kane Show when you were on the show, and was upset after you left. I thought you and Kane had great chemistry so it comes as a bit of a surprise that he treated you poorly, however, makes sense after other members of the program left, too. It sounds like Kane has some jealousy and control issues. I really think the Kane show has gone down the toilet since you left. That current cast is just terrible together! I gave it several months to get used to it, to give it a chance with the new cast, but I still think that show sucks without you.

    Keep up the great work! Love your show on 107.3!!

  35. Stephanie


    I think you are doing the right thing by not airing it all out. It does make one bitter to dwell on the past. I never knew you had issues on 99.5. I would be really interested to know the reason….but some things are better left unsaid. I would actually be more interested in why Mel left. She left so abruptly. You and Mel are great and I am so happy to hear you back on air!


  36. ibis

    If you decided not to talk about it, why even write about it? This is like when somebody post that they’re at the hospital, 500 comments asking what’s wrong and no answer. Is a very personal decision, therefore, if you are not ready to tell the history, don’t even mention it, peoole will always speculate, until someone comes forward. Good luck, don’t get me wrong, I love your job!

  37. Jennifer

    If you want to talk about the past and leave it alone then why did you write a whole post about it? should have just left it alone and not bring it up at all.

    1. Jennifer

      Did not want to talk about the past**

  38. Renata

    I think you need to leave it alone. I started listening to your show to feel it out and honestly I stopped listening because I feel like you guys need to grow up. Who cares what happened. You guys keep talking about the Kane Show and blah blah blah. Get over it. You don’t hear them talking smack about your new show. 99.5 have been the adults about it and you, Mel and Sammy just keep crying over what was. Do your own thing and move on. You don’t hear 95.5 talking smack about 93.9. I’m sure this is all your going to talk about tomorrow morning and again, that’s why I won’t be listening.

  39. Thomas C

    Objectively, this was a bait post that could’ve been summed up by saying something to the extent of "I have decided not to discuss what happened on the show for personal reasons"

  40. Lisa K.

    My daughter introduced me to the Kane Show in 2007. I listen to a lot of radio, and the Kane Show quickly became a favorite. I enjoyed hearing Kane mention stories about SU (my alma matter as well), but quickly I found that I was listening just to hear you. I liked the way you brought thought provoking, current topics up, as well as your openness discussing your personal life. I never detected an issue between you and Kane on the air. On your last few on-air mornings with him, I really thought he was sad to see you go (I certainly was!)
    I watched you a few times on the Fox 5 morning show, but it just wasn’t the same. I am so happy you are back on the radio and STM is really starting to "gel" on air. I feel like you should let the clueless people like me continue to believe all was "hunky-dori" back then. Your current show is much better. The Kane Show has never been the same without you. My only problem with STM is I can’t tell the difference between Ty and Sammy’s voice-they sound almost identical! Best Wishes on your continued success.
    Lisa K.
    PS-I am still very upset to know that "Roses" was staged.

  41. Megan

    You were on THE Kane show. It was his show. The only way you could be as successful as Kane is if you broke off and made your own way. And look at you now. 🙂 I will admit, you Kane and Sammy were a dream team and I haven’t been able to fully commit to either station but what’s done is done.

    I tried with your station but I hear too much negativity about the competition. I think if I didn’t hear and FEEL that tension, I’d fully commit to you all. That tension still lives because the actions (comments) on the show still feed it. Friendly competition is always healthy but your devoted and long time listeners know there is much more to it. Therefore, the comments get petty and kind of annoying. Let that be that and drop this subject. Onward!

    Make new memories 🙂

  42. Amber

    Sarah, as much as everybody wants to know the ins and outs about what went down, taking the higher road is more respected. It really is all there if everyone reads between the lines anyway. Kane is the last original member of the show….. So it goes to show everything without you even saying a word. Karma will handle the rest anyway. I respect you very much and enjoy hearing you on the radio again. I don’t have the Kane show on my radio presets anymore and only will listen if a good song is on. Otherwise I HOPE they feel the absence and have seen a decrease in listeners! I agree with what another person said ^ that you and Mel and Sammy hit it off but Ty in the mix (as great and entertaining as he is) I’m still trying to hear yall Connect over the radio waves. My brother and I always listen to the podcasts And listen to yall LIVE whenever I have am awake at that hour. I love it. Sarah, you’re a great role model and we obviously all Adore you! Xoxo.

  43. Casey

    That was a long rant. No matter 🙂 I think you are doing great! I always liked you best (on that DC show). Kane was a dick.

  44. Boli

    I worked for the Morning show at WLZL and also left on bad terms. I have gotten carried away wanting to throw the host under the bus plenty of times. Just like you just now posted, I’ve had the same thought process and also felt that it would accomplish nothing. A couple of years ago I returned to the Latin airwaves with WDCN. Every time I would go on air the people at WLZL would get nervous that I would spill the beans. Maybe we should compare stories some time?

  45. Love you from Cali

    I love you Sarah and was so happy when you got your own show that I now pay an extra $20 a month so I can stream you over ‘my Iphone from California 🙂 I do miss you and Kane together as Ty’s voice isn’t as manly. It would be nice if it was the Samy and Sarah Show. You can hear the connection between you two. It seems like you and Mel are still trying to connect with Ty and I can hear it over the radio.

    1. Mike

      Just an FYI – you can listen to the show live on the iHeart app.

  46. Adriana

    That’s awesome Sarah!! Totally respect your decision. I think it’s always important to let negativity be release, but how one releases it, is always up to the individual. I use to listen to you on the "Kane show", but I did notice one dark day, you were replaced. I just happen to listen to 107.3, and recognize your name and voice. Since then I have been listening to your show, and "dropped" the other one. I find you entertaining and fun and the kind of woman who seems down to earth and ready to just have fun. I wish you much, much continue success.

  47. One of your biggest fans

    Dear Sarah,

    I have to say when you were in the Kane Show I loved it. You, Sammy, Mel and Kane made it together. Yes, Kane was the lead but YOU and Sammy made the show amazing. As soon as you and Sammy were gone I completely stopped listening. It took me pretty much this whole time (2 years) to say I have found my morning show. Listening to you, Sammy, Mel and now Ty makes my day. You guys are amazing and I wish you guys nothing but the best. I am sooo happy I found you again. Can’t wait to continue to listen every morning. And by the way like anyone else I would totally want to know what happen but also understand if you rather not talk about it.


    One of your many fans <3

  48. Danielle

    I love your show and I liked this blog post – it was honest and written to respond to many listeners/followers’ questions. Also, I don’t think it was passive aggressive because the only alternative would be to directly air all the "dirty laundry" – you are just explaining your thought process, which as a former Kane Show listener and current STM listner I very much appreciate.

    Good luck with your future endeavors – I am so glad you are back on the radio in the DMV 🙂

  49. M.M

    i think the comments from people who say this sounds passive aggressive need to read the definition of passive aggressive. That’s not at all what you are doing- you are answering the very public question of " what happened?!" with "it’s doesn’t matter." It’s really hard to move on from something that obviously meant a great deal to you- it’s like a death or the ending of a long term romantic relationship. It’s a lot to process, and sometimes being bitter for a while is what you need. Doesn’t make it healthy, but your soul will help you work that out. The fact that you can articulate such massive things to be thankful for is great!!! Just be true to you. My mother told me a while back when I ended a long term relationship of 5 yrs that was in the engagement stage, "people only listen for so long- after a while, it’s like ‘oh no- here comes Sarah again with the same tired story’ " it’s not that they don’t care, they just aren’t as involved as you are. So I say challenge yourself to let go…write it all on a piece of paper and set that thing on fire!! Give it to the universe to deal with!! 🙂 just be true to that, look forward, and the world will continue to open for you as it obviously has!! LIFE IS A BLESSING! The only people who care about "what happened" need something to talk about. The ones who care about YOU don’t need or care to know. It’s inconsequential to why they love and support you:) LOVE + LIGHT to you "Frase," may the world be your oyster:)

  50. Shawn

    As you well know, having worked in the same building with you and Kane, I still have ties to both of you.

    Dear, whatever works, go with it. If you decide at some point in the future to ‘tell the tale’, I’m sure there are folks who will be interested. And yes – both Kane & STM still hint at one another. That’s natural, after all that all of you went through together. Denying the other exists, in an industry this small, in ‘this town’ is ridiculous – and anyone who expects either show to do that has their heads up their a**. [I’m talking to you consultants.]

    That said? Do what you do best: Focus on the positive. Move forward. If a time comes when it’s right to address it? Do it then. Otherwise? Don’t even bother talking about it.

    Compete hard, but don’t stoop to hate. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Life’s too short. 😉

    Love ya, my friend. As I often say, ‘Thank you’ for you being you.

  51. Decky

    I’ll be honest, I started listening to your show out of curiousity to see what it was like, if it was any good, I feel like the format is a lot like the Kane show, thought ur show Was pretty good, enjoyed hearing mel and Samy again, but when the jibes started about 995, it left me with a bad taste in my mouth! It just came across that you were trying to belittle your opposition to better yourselves, or make yourselves look better. But it doesn’t, it makes you look desperate! I think ty is a good addition! I sometimes think he carries the rest of U by keeping it real!

    Sarah, you come across very high maintenance and somewhat like a spoilt child if U don’t get ur way… Can’t help but feel like this could have been an issue over at 995! As far as what really happened, and whether U should say or not… I don’t think you should, because I’m sure there’s a different story to be heard from the other party!

  52. Farrah

    Personally I think you still sound pretty bitter(maybe even jealous) weather you wanna act like it or not. If you’re not going to talk about it then why bring it up at all?

    1. Sarahs fan!

      No need to post negativity here!

  53. Jon

    Hey Sarah,

    I loved you on hot995 and was very very sad when you left. as soon as i heard you were getting your own show i was excited and immediately on board switching over on day 1. I even came out to meet you guys at 2 of your 3 pre-show meet and greets that week. in the beginning, however i was unimpressed with the show. but i stuck with you guys figuring. hey… they just need to find their groove. Unfortunately as you found your groove the show improved but not by that much. Ty is Awsome, but mel just annoys the crap out of me as she seems like like a dumb ditsy valley girl with no personality. She wasn’t very open at the meet and greets either. anyway with all the jabbing you do to hot i think its wrong not to open up and tell the listeners what happened. lately, i’ve been a flip flopper listening to either you guys or hot in the morning. depending on what radio station had better music last time i was in my car. However, with this decision, and knowing that you’ve had quite a bit of time to improve the show but have yet to impress me, I think its time I bid farewell and go back to a show that entertains me. despite how fake they may be.

  54. jes

    Personally, I think this is your blog so you are free to say what you want, separate from your show. If you want to talk about it here I think that is different than when you talk about stuff on air. When you read texts people send in about 99.5 it seems a little class less. But I don’t find this blgopost passive aggressive, I doubt Kane follows your blog and if he does that is his business and problem.

  55. SP

    I agree with E. As much as you talk about NOT talking about it in this post, it is clearly passive aggressive, and I feel, unneeded. I still listen to both shows, to be honest. I love you guys and I love the Kane show. The politics behind the scenes should not be at the forefront of what you are all about. Just let it go and be you.

  56. ebbie924

    Whatever decision that sits well with you is the best one. (But I sure would like to know!)

  57. Cindy

    This post is very passive-aggressive. If you are not going to speak about it, why continue to bring it up. Who cares, move on. You have a new show, focus on it. Make it better. And, Mel was not an original cast member. I love the girl, but not part of the original cast.

  58. Stephen

    Met you at a little black dress party at hard rock in DC. My friend was having a bachelor’s party that same night. You were so sweet and professional! Good for you for standing your ground and remaining professional! You’re gonna go far!

  59. j.

    Oh PS: love that you all text back. I actually feel like Mel is a friend of mine because she responds so often and likes my tweets etc. Such a good vibe to get from a radio show.

  60. kristi k

    Hi love!!!! Our past brings us to our present, but that doesn’t mean we dwell on it. I understand people may be curious, but it doesn’t matter. Whatever happened, happened but look where it has led you!!! You are in an amazing place, no regrets, forward motion!!! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you in 2015. Xoxo!!! –kristi k 🙂

  61. Listener

    You guys always mention the other show and u sound like someone who can’t get over your ex. Best if you don’t even mention anything sounds juvenile when your guys say anything. The kane show doesn’t talk about u guys they moved on.

  62. j.

    I quit listening to the Kane show after you left and switched to the tommy show. Now I flip back and forth between you and tommy. I’m so glad you are on the air again and that’s all that matters. The past is the past and focusing on the future and what you are doing for women is what’s most important now.

    I suggest not bringing up 99.5 or Kane anymore on the show and moving on with all of your lives. Your show is better on its own merits, you don’t have to rip someone else down to prove it!

  63. Kat

    You know I’ve heard jabs like from the new Kane cast like "we are still #1…"no one" will beat us"…and then I think that the 3 original cast worked SO HARD to make the show what it was…all the new kids taking credit didn’t have to pioneer for the show…they came in and are now
    Taking credit for a show y’all worked hard to bring up…I think it’s amazing you’re taking the high road! Your success so fast is a testimate of your intentions.

  64. E.

    you still sound bitter; its one of the reasons i cant take to your new show after loving you on 99.5. this post is very passive-aggressive.

  65. Cici

    Aw good for you Sarah!! As much as we all want to hear the juicy gossip about what happened I think your making the best decision to not tell us what happend. I think it’s time to move on and erase that name from your vocabulary and forget them. It’s like an old ex you just don’t want to remember. I know you are a positive and so upbeat but when you talk about them it definitely made you look bitter and not over it. Just focus on you and your radio team, just let time take its course to bring them down and let karma handle it 🙂 love you Sarah! I’ve been following you for YEARS. Xoxoxo

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