Anatomy to Zen Podcast: What does it take to be unfiltered on Social Media? Meet Swan J.

I have been following a woman on social media named Swan for years. Swan’s posts are always real. From taking jabs at Tyler Perry, to crazy videos of alien looking hairless cats, to swear words when she feels so inclined. Swan has no fucks to give.

I was SO curious how she could be so unfiltered and not care. As I continue to find my voice, which can be raunchy and edgy at times, I know everyone can’t wait to tell you…’you shouldn’t be saying that.’ How does one woman do it and stand by it in a world that is still letting go of the idea that women should be lady like…

Here’s Swan’s story. CLICK HERE FOR THE PODCAST 


What do you think of Swan’s story…should more people be unfiltered on social media or is it to much? 

Comment below. LOVE you. Frase

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