Here’s my “reflectolution” for 2015

New Year, better version of myself.


Hi. How was your Christmas and New Year? Was it fun and relaxing or stressful? Both can be great learning experiences. I love this time of year. The New Year is always a time for me to get excited about wiping the slate clean and working on new goals. I really don’t set New Year’s resolutions anymore…I’m not really sure why but I think its because for years my resolution was always to lose weight, start a new diet, and be a size 2, and it always failed. I finally realized after 15 years of making that resolution that my body will probably never be a size 2 and that a healthy living program is 365 days a year for life and not for a couple months. So now I just enjoy the New Year as a time to reflect and look back at what worked for me in 2014 and what I want to change or achieve in 2015.


2014 was a HUGE year for me. I moved back to DC from NYC…accepted a radio gig on the new 107.3 (Huge undertaking starting a new morning show), working for Fox 5 again in a bigger capacity, got my mom through her diagnosis of breast cancer and treatment!! (She is officially cancer FREE! YAY). Not to mention I spent a lot of time thinking in 2014 of what do I really want? Not just today or in going back to radio but what do I really want in life? That question becomes clearer for me all the time. The hardest part for me is how do I express it without sounding selfish or hurting others? Not that my goal is turn to a life of crime but when you don’t want the status quo of marriage, kids, and having a conventional job people seem to get upset.


So 2015 I’ve decided my goal is be a realer version of myself, more transparent with you and myself and be more open to the opportunities right in front of me. One of my worst traits is comparing myself to others and wanting everything right now. That can be a problem. I tend to not live in the moment and instead always play the game of I’ll be happy when this happens…or I’ll focus more on others once I get this show…that kind of thinking prevents me from every living in the now and enjoying what I have. So this year I have a ‘reflectolution’…I reflect on the past year and make a resolution based on that! HA.


For the morning show, Sarah, Ty, and Mel we’ve been on vacation for the past two weeks. I’m looking forward to getting back on air and building some great ratings in 2015. I’m ready to take on the DC morning radio market with a vengeance. Give my old co-host Kane something to really shit his pants about…LOL. I kid. That is something else I want to be more transparent about…I get emails ALL the time asking me about the ‘real’ reason I left the Kane Show!? Of course there is more to the story than me just wanting move to NYC and be a talk show host…although that REALLY was the number one reason. So I’m on the fence…do I set the record straight and talk more about why I left the show and my relationship with Kane or just move on? I would love to know your thoughts. I get emails about it constantly so that forces me to think about it more than I’d like to. Feel free to leave a comment about it below.


In the meantime…have you had a chance to listen to my new morning show adventure Sarah, Ty, and Mel? What do you think of the show so far…what would you like to hear more or less of? I really want to do some crazy fun segments in 2015…like I want to get a queen size bed, put it in the middle of a park or square in the DC area and spray paint on the bed ‘be a kid again, jump on me’ and have people come jump on it! You know, something along that lines where we can get in bed together;) 


Alright lovers…here we go. 2015 is our year. Get ready cause shit about to get crazy. LOVE you. Comment below and if you ever need advice or would like to be a guest on my podcast leave the details below or email me:


Xo, Frase

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  1. Laura

    Love your show! Been following and listening since the day you came back to the DMV!!
    Out with the old in with new! #stm1073

  2. Jackie

    I agree with Tiff. I loved you on the Kane show. Since starting your own morning show, I feel like every time I listen I hear jabs and digs at 99.5. I even heard a time when you were doing your guys on tinder segment, there was a guy named Erik and Mel asked "Does he work for clear channel?". I wish you guys could do a once-and-for-all "here’s what happened" and move on. I love that you guys do your end of show "positivity" segment, but I wish you guys would do that throughout the whole show instead of two minutes at the very end.

  3. Gabby

    Sarah! Been following you for years and really loving your blog!
    I think you should leave your history with 99.5 behind and focus on your present at 107.3. It’s clear that you may not have left on the best of terms with Kane but that’s not necessarily for public consumption. I understand people are curious. I am definitely am!! But radio is a small industry so why not take the high road and keep things as professional as you can? If you left because you didn’t think Kane was running things well, he wasn’t the nicest person, etc, just use that experience to be all the things he wasn’t as the boss at your new job. That’s the best way to handle the experience, in my opinion 🙂

  4. Jen

    Big fan of yours. Adored your show on 99.5, I thought Sammy was a riot, and while initially I didn’t like Mel…she really grew on me. Honestly I think the reason I didn’t care for Mel initially was because I was worried she was brought in to take your place….

    In any case….I must have missed a week when you left the show…and I consumed a ton of time trying to find out what happened….to no avail…so selfishly I would love to hear the "real story"

    So glad you’re back. DC missed you.

  5. Tiff

    OMG Sarah first all i want to say i love you and glad you are back. But i have to admit you have changed, sound a little more bitter. the digs that you guys make about the other show seems very immature. In addition I think what you guys did to Mel (hyping her up about her engagement) was very cruel. I have a lot more respect for her now having to deal with that. Regardless, I still have a little woman crush on you, so I will keep listening to you guys, hope to give you a chance. I think its better for you to talk about the reasons why you left, since it seems like you came back more bitter. Props to Dan..please hold on to him.

  6. Ashley

    You should just have a whole show explaining why you, Mel, and Sammy left the show. I think everyone would love to know the real reason why all three of you left the show. We just all want to know because we all love you guys, love to hear you talk, and feel like you all our friends! You could also blog about it!

  7. Jay

    I selfishly would also like to know what happened with the other show. I have always been a huge fan of yours Sarah. Usually I am not a fan of change, but the addition of Mel to that other radio station was great! As Samy, you, then Mel left one by one, I realized that you three were my favorite part of listening to the show. Before you started STM I had given up listening to the other station after you guys left, especially after the situation with Mel which was so terrible and transparent it upset me, even though I have never met you guys haha. I am so thrilled that you are back in the area and that I can listen every morning, and I have not missed a show since day one. The chemistry between you guys is great, and I love Ty as an addition. Please keep up the good work and your loyal listeners will be here for you!

  8. Hey lady,

    Just wanted to drop in and say you’re an inspiration. 🙂
    Love the reflectolution.

    I relate so much to you on the status quo. I think the status quo is probably my biggest fear in life. That and death. Luckily I’ve got some great friends that get it. But others are just like "but you’d make a great mommy blogger!"
    Kind of like my grandfather who told me I’d make a great housewife (he paid my way through Georgetown so I could get an Mrs.?)

    I could get on a soapbox for hours, but I think the notion that the "real world" doesn’t have to exist is a really scary thought. People can have knee-jerk reactions — it kind of shakes our whole conception of what life should look like, right? Makes people wonder whether they’re doing it all wrong. Someone who is on a certain path, if it’s not right for them, might call you selfish instead of doing some serious introspection (i.e. damn, I wish I had been gutsy enough to pursue an entertainment career, too).

    Which brings me back to my first point. Just keep being an inspiration. It’s not selfish to live the life you want. The best thing you can do is be transparent about why you want the things you do. Once people can grasp what’s going on in your head, empathy kicks in and they’re less apt to feel hurt or judge.

    As for the ones who love you, support you, and acknowledge you — as long as you’re conscious and acknowledging that — seeing you succeed is reward times 1,000.

    Speaking of transparency re: 99.5, sure, I think you should just lay it all out there. When people have to guess, they blow things way out of proportion (think of the endless hours of speculation and spilled ink when Clinton wouldn’t admit to inhaling the pot he smoked.)

    Best for everyone to lay everything out, move onward and up. I know you’re capable of doing it with class.


  9. Dionne

    You should only share about your relationship with Kane if the story will benefit others in their journey to become better versions of themselves. If it’s just to appease people’s curiosity, I say don’t do it. Keep up the good work of living your purpose. You inspire me.

  10. jazmin

    Hola Sarah
    I believe the opposite to what Andrea posted. When you were on the Kane show, I liked it a lot. Once you left and the intern John started to talk….OMG! the show was not the same. He is so young so I feel like the show is now focused on very young people. I liked your conversations with Kane, the way you guys would debate something. I am 34 years old and listening the Kane show is just boring now. Good to have you back on the radio, even when I know you wanted to be a TV host. I only listen your show from 8:10 to 8:25 while I drop off my daughter at school but I really like your show. I stoped working last year so I don’t listen the radio in the morning any more. I never tuned 99.5 again once you came back.
    Wish you all the best for 2015.

  11. KJurk

    Do what you feel is right Sarah! If you feel the need to talk more about leaving the Kane show to put the past behind you then do it! I think your podcast is great keep going with it!I love you putting your goals out there! The more you put them out there the more successful you will at getting them done! Love you lots! So many big things for you in year 2015! If you ever need a friend to be real with you you know where to find me! I am just an email/text/phone call away!

    1. KJurk

      *successful you will be at getting them done! (sometimes my minds faster than I type)

  12. Mandy

    The new show is great! Both me and a bunch of my friends were thrilled for you to be back on the radio in DC. I switched over on day 1 for STM and won’t go back to 99.5. I do wish there was less music in the morning and more conversation. Either way I love it and am so happy you are back! As far as setting the record straight, you should do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. I’m sure it isn’t an easy situation. Happy 2015!!

  13. Andrea

    I am loving your show over the Kane show. And this is from someone that use to listen to the Kane show religiously. I think as Kane gets older…they try to target an older demographic. But I enjoy the youthfulness of your show. You are more willing to talk about the "crazy" stuff. That being said. I say talk about the real reason why you left. It’d be extremely brace and the radio needs more transparency. Loving your show. I look forward to seeing you guys grow in a bigger and better radio station!

  14. Mike

    As Butters said, you should set the record straight. You hinted some things on day 1 of STM back on July 30th, then off and on, the subject has been a throwaway comment, but unless someone is reading everything you blog or tweet/FB about, one couldn’t post most of the story together. People had a clear connection with you when you were on 99.5, that is why they are curious. People are still discovering you are on 107.3, and word of mouth will get around. One of the few ways radio works is chemistry, and very few in the DC market have it (and this goes back a long time of listening to a variety of radio shows). I think your weekly podcast are something you should keep, because it gives you time to talk about things that radio does not (because of playing a song, commercials, or moving on to a different segment).

  15. Butters

    Also we need some "Sex with Sarah", maybe on the Podcast…take questions on different topics, get dirty

  16. Butters

    might as well tell all…will help with reducing the questions. People definitely want to know and while some will see it as unprofessional or something that could hurt future employment it can also be more freeing for you

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