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                                                             Rachel and me at my little apt in Arlington

                                                             Rachel and me at my little apt in Arlington

I could honestly be the female version of Mark Zuckerberg when it comes to fashion. I LOVE fashion, love great clothes, and my handbag obsession could require rehab but I’m not a woman that wants to spend a lot of time everyday thinking and planning what to wear. I like to set it and forget it honey…like a good perm. 

So my secret to saving thousands of dollars in clothing and getting use out of everything I own has been…a closet shopper. When a woman named Jessica Baca lived in DC she was my go to girl. Jess is one of the best stylist and closet shoppers I have ever met. She could literally take an old pair of Steve Madden shoes I had in the back of my closet and pair those damn things with 5 date night outfits and a killer work outfit and boom suddenly designer duds become designer do’s. Needless to say Jess has moved onto bigger things and now lives in Chicago. She’s styling the stars so if you’re moving to Chi town look her up. 

Jess left me in great hands tho…enter the fabulous Rachel Kohlhaas. Rachel, whose day gig is Assistant Store Manager at Alice and Olivia in Georgetown, is also a personal stylist and closet shopper. So a couple of weekends ago Rachel came to my apt and the fun began. We paired outfits and ditched lots of items I’d been holding onto that were out of date. Here’s how Rachel works. She comes to your apt. and pulls outfits for work, date nights, casual, and in my case I need TV outfits so we covered that too. She puts together everything from the accessories you should wear to shoe options and then photographs if so you don’t even have to think about it! YESSSS please. Sign me up honey. Yes Sarah Zuckerberg. 

The other cool part is she also fills in what you’re missing. In my case a lot of accessories, pointy toe wedges which make your legs look longer, and some new blazers. Rachel creates a wish list of items to get the next time you shop…something you can chip away at over time. No need to buy everything all at once. What I also love about Rachel is she’s honest without being harsh. Rachel is great at kindly telling you when things need to retire or don’t look as good as they did on you 3 years ago:)) 

Check out some of the great outfits Rachel made for me from what I ALREADY owned. LOVE this and talk about a perfect way to save thousands of $$$ when you can use what you already own. Rachel is taking on new clients so feel free to email her for her hourly rate and availability: stylingDC@gmail.com 

Some of Rachel’s great recommendations:

For Accessories…Rachel introduced me to baublebar.com – fun and affordable. 

For clothes you want to donate: Check out Fashionproject.com – They sell your clothes and donate the money to the charity of your choice:) 

The two finger tuck is essential. I had never heard of this but Rachel informed me that anytime you’re wearing a shirt with a skirt or pants the tuck is in. Just use two fingers and tuck the front part of your blouse into your pants or skirt. (see my pix for deets). 

Follow Rachel on instagram: rachel_loves_it 

Xo, Frase 

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