What Does it take to tell the truth?

Happy St. Patty’s Day! I finally have a quiet Tuesday all by myself so I thought I would post a little blog and just catch up with you. Things have been going really well for me the past couple of weeks. Work is good, family is healthy, (thank god) and over all I have very few complaints…you don’t want to hear them anyway so I’ll keep it to myself;) HA

All your prayers for my mom really worked. She’s been doing great with her Breast Cancer recovery. She’s cancer free and now doing physical therapy on the side of her body where her breast was removed. As many of you know who have had a parent, sibling, or yourself gone thru cancer it’s never set it and forget it. Even after you get the all clear there is so much to do. But it hasn’t slowed my mom down a bit. She’s running all around Maine back to her normal self. 

The hardest part for me now is just living in the moment with her. If I think about it too long I worry if I will get cancer or what if something happens to her again in the future? Very difficult to shift my mind out of that but I think that’s the lasting effects of cancer, once it creeps into your life it’s always in the back of your mind. 

But enough about that…I know good things are happening. Something else I recently experienced that I wanted to share with you involved telling the truth and sticking to your guns. I wanted to hear your thoughts and stories on this. Last week when I was sick with the flu I was scrolling thru Netflix to see what was good. I came across the Stop At Nothing: Lance Armstrong Documentary. OMG…it was so good. The deception, lies, and bullying Lance did for years was unreal. But the really interesting part of the documentary was the handful of people that called Lance out for his lying and cheating. A couple of reporters, a former racer, and one woman in particular who inpisred me…Betsy Andreu. 

In my opinion Betsy is the best part of the doc. Betsy is the wife of Frankie Andreu who was Lance Armstrong’s racing partner for years. She was a witness to almost everything. The doping, Lance’s bedside confession to using EPO, and more. It’s her incredible conviction to stick to her guns that is the on going thread of the film. I was blown away by watching what Betsy and Frankie went thru and gave up all in the name of telling the truth. I was watching wondering if I could do that? For 10 plus yrs Betsy wouldn’t lie…despite her husband losing his spot on the US Postal team, Armstrong painting her as a bitter crazy woman, and no one really paying her much attention. She stuck to it. 

How did Betsy and the handful of others that knew Lance was cheating stick to their guns? They must have had dark moments when they thought Lance would get away with it…that the truth would never be revealed. It really inspired me. I’ve realized how many times in my life I haven’t spoken up or told the truth because of warnings from other’s. Think of the consequences Sarah…what about the backlash…what if people don’t believe you? Well Betsy reminded me that yes when you tell the truth there are consequences, backlash, and people won’t believe you but that only lasts so long. 

The old saying the truth will set you free and truth will prevail does happen…it just doesn’t always happen over night or on our time. Especially for women I think Betsy is such a hero. A woman who speaks up is always looked at as crazy…a trouble maker…and loud. For me I’ve been so energized by the documentary and Betsy. It’s given me a lot to think about and a lot to work on. 

I’m wondering…did you ever stick to your guns and tell the truth about something? How did it turn out? Love to hear your stories. Leave a comment below. 


Xo, Frase

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