How to deal when the internet haters strike.

The theme of internet trolls and haters has popped up a lot in my life recently. I’m truly concerned about the vortex of hate that has become the internet. I really do believe that if we don’t all figure out a way to embrace and thrive from it, creative voices, vulnerable moments, and great future ideas will fail to take shape. 

As I tell you guys all the time I’ve been seeing a mindful living therapist for four years now who has taught me to not only thrive when haters come calling but respond to them with compassion. Learning how to do that wasn’t easy and is a long process but it can be done.

A couple of people have recently come into my life that have been dealing with some real haters that surprised them. First…this awesome woman Marina who put herself out there and was on our show and Fox 5 talking about a missed connection on the metro. She simply wanted to see if she could enlist the help of the public to find out who this guy was! A great real life movie moment, right!? You would think but Marina ended up receiving a lot of criticism about her appearance and  of the way she looked and that she was crazy for trying to find a man that could be married. 

Craig Schattner is another example. He’s the awesome DC documentary maker who has the web-series DatedDC. When Craig first came into our station to be on-air he said he was surprised by some of the negative comments he’d received. Despite overwhelming support those couple of haters had really messed with his mind. 

 I’ve encountered my fair share of haters over the years but a couple of recent conversations from a friend of the show’s Marina and Craig Schattner have made me realize that every 

A couple of things happened that made me want to do this blog. About a month ago we had a woman on our show named 

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