How to do your makeup when you don’t have time for Youtube…

Before is Top makeup bag and brushes are Top Right. The two bottom pics are the final looks with the fabulous Pam! Hi Pam :) 

Before is Top Left…my makeup bag and brushes are Top Right. The two bottom pics are the final looks with the fabulous Pam! Hi Pam 🙂 

I’m not a Youtube makeup tutorial woman. I wish I was but no matter how many times I seem to watch the videos I can never master the look. Truthfully when it comes to doing my own hair and makeup I just don’t think I have the patience to really get it right. 

So if you’re like me, when it comes to makeup you need to figure out a way to stay up on the trends and achieve a somewhat instagram looking face in a short period of time on an affordable budget. Enter Pam Jabonete. I’ve blogged about Pam before because she’s been doing my makeup for years. She’s truly a pro. Recently she was at MAC in Tyson’s corner until making the switch to Primp By Smitten here in Arlington.

Pam offers a makeup and consultation experience like no other. She does everything from picking a look for you, to making you a shopping list of products to buy, to having you bring in your makeup bag and working with what you already have, and of course showing you how to apply it!

That’s what I’m talking about! Maximize what I have…spend a little money on new products…learn how to put the damn stuff on. PERFECT.

So Friday was my day to finally see Pam and update my makeup look while getting a lesson. Pam and I had pre-selected some looks I liked from Pintrest before my appointment and she had made me a list of items I needed before coming. 

For the lesson Pam takes you thru a step by step process. She does one eye or eyebrow and then has you do the other one so you’re learning right there. And get the irony of this…she takes mini videos/pictures so your lesson is your own customized Youtube makeup tutorial if you want it. HA – Here’s part of mine:

You walk out the door with everything. Videos, pictures, step by step guides, and a list of any additional product you might need. For you busy people out there I thought this might be helpful and offer a different way to achieve a fabulous makeup look if Youtube and the occasional visit to the beauty counter doesn’t seem to be cutting it. One afternoon lesson and Pam’s guidance will save you loads of time and money in the future.

Enjoy, Frase 

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Final Look! 

Final Look! 



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  1. r. Gordon

    Love the great makeup job. You look FABULOUS and you know how I feel about makeup. Miss your great personality, hope you reach out to me when you come back to New York. Regards, Rori

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