Let it Go. 3 Ways to move on and truly Let Things Go

Mimi and me having a Spiritual Coaching Session :) 

Mimi and me having a Spiritual Coaching Session 🙂 

Let It Go. Sounds so easy but we all know letting go of things can be really hard. Story of my life…being upset about something or with someone and holding onto it for days or with some things in my life YEARS! 

Most of my hang ups and lack of let go moments center around my work relationships and co-workers. For me those relationships are so personal it can be hard to let go and move on. Everyone is different maybe it’s a romantic relationship, an issue with a parent or sibling, that you wish you could let go of and move on.

My friend and Spiritual Life Coach Mimi say’s in order to move on you must do 3 things…acknowledge what is holding you back, write a letter to the person, event, or incident, and make a choice. She breaks them down on my podcast this week.

Hope you enjoy her wise advice! Xo, Frase 


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