You are so close to getting your dream! Luis our new Assistant Producer is proof…

Ahhh…I get so excited when I have moments like the one I’m about to share. When people make their career and life dreams a reality…OMG folks, I get goosebumps!

As I’ve posted on my blog I’ve decided to take a risk and go for my ‘big dream.’ That dream is to have a show that entertains and inspires people to live a more ‘anything goes’ life. A show that makes people comfortable in the uncomfortable, and allows them to think differently about themselves and the world. 

Over the past two years I’ve jumped. I went from the stability of co-hosting a radio gig in DC to selling everything I owned, moving to NYC, and now back home to DC as part of the hosting team Sarah, Ty, and Mel on 107.3. I can feel the dream happening but more importantly it’s happening for someone else in the STM family. Enter Luis. Luis has been interning for our show for the past 3 months. He’s been amazing…always on time, staying late, attending events for the station even after his school commitments. Recently we’ve been looking for an assistant producer and the first person that came to mind was Luis. He got the position. 

But it’s what Luis told me this week that is what I wanted to share with those of you on the fence about jumping into the unknown and going for your dream. Until this week Luis never told me that he’d been listening to Samy, Mel and me for years on Hot 99.5 and over those years of listening he decided that radio was what he wanted to do. He remembered so much detail of things we had said or had done on the show that impacted him. 

 He also never told me that he’d been reading my blog and remembered an old post that I had written about when you jump into the unknown a net will appear. Luis is modest and didn’t want flattery to affect his hard work. I was shocked, mostly because someone took my advice! LOL…amazing but because of the other details that follow that make Luis’s story so inspiring. 

Luis is 29 yrs old…much older than the average person starting in radio. He also decided to go back to college later than most, and he’s made a lot of sacrifices. Saving money and giving up his day job, moving in with roommates. All sacrifices in order to go for his dream and now it’s happening. He’s finding a way. When he told me all this at coffee this week I wanted to cry because I know what it’s like to work for something you want so badly. And I also know the fear, doubts, and moments you just pray it will work out. 

Luis is proof it doesn’t matter how old you are, what current job you have, who you’re living with, there is always a way. How are you going to make it happen and get started today because your dream is closer than you think? I told Luis the hardest part of radio is just getting your foot in the door but once you’re in you’re in. He told me he understood and now that he’s in he’s planning on staying awhile. 

Xo, Frase

I’d love to hear where you are at with going for your dream…have you jumped? What is holding you back? Feel free to leave a comment below. 

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  1. Luis

    Thank you, Sarah! It is very humbling that someone I have admired for a while would take time out of their day to write about me. This year has been a roller coaster and I must say, I’m enjoying the ride. I’ve battled through a lot this year to get to where I am today. To add a little bit more to your blog, these past three months I’ve dealt with a lot. From my father telling me to quit my internship because I wasn’t being paid, from people I once called "friends’ telling me I don’t have the personality to make it in this business, from dealing with a minor relationship disappointment along the way. But each time I kept getting up whenever I was down because I knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and that tunnel has ‘radio’ imprinted on it. I can’t give up. I won’t give up. This is just the beginning. I’m excited for what the future holds. Time for bed. Gotta get up early to help the show be #1.


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