I want to clarify a recent social media post I made.

Happy Sunday.  Thank you all for sharing your comments and thoughts with me regarding a recent social media post I made on Friday; you always give me so much to think about and learn from.

If you missed the post, this is what I tweeted…’Anyone notice a pattern today…? #karmabeabitch.

I was on a family vacation in Florida when the news broke of Kane’s and Natasha’s divorce, and I was overwhelmed by friends, fans, and listeners texting, calling, emailing, and tweeting me to comment.  In hindsight, I should have used different words to convey my thoughts but the manner in which Peter presented his relationship with Natasha brought back some old, hard feelings. 

As I’ve shared with you previously, I go back-and-forth on sharing the dynamics between me and Peter during my time on The Kane Show.  While I’m appreciative of the opportunities that job presented me later in life, I cannot ignore the manipulation that now seems to be repeating occurrence – with my experience, others, and now with Natasha.  The main difference though between my situation was that it was primarily business related – it still felt personal though.  With Natasha – this was all personal, and incredibly unfair.

Natasha was once a good friend of mine.  I was heartbroken to see people attack her on her social media, and to see her mom and her sisters frantically defend her against people wishing such anger and vitriol on her was saddening.

It’s often said “he who controls the microphone controls the message.”  I understand why Peter shared this difficult time with his listeners – my co-hosts and I often share personal stories with our listeners…it’s a more intimate but entertaining show we want to produce, and it helps us form a better bond with our listeners.

I’ve seen several posters write there are three sides to every story – his, hers, and the truth.  My frustration and disappointment was the way the story was presented, knowing full well that Natasha would be attacked in the process, and then afterwards telling people “please don’t attack her.”  This was an attack on a wife, a mother, and a woman…and I feel sickened as a woman to see the aftereffects.  This could have been handled in a fairer manner.

To Natasha: I’m praying for you and for your girls.  I’m here to talk if you need an ear.

To Kane: I’m praying for you too.  Regardless of how I feel about our past, I realize you’re in a difficult situation, a place I wouldn’t wish on others.

To my fans: I wish I chose my words more carefully on Friday. I was just at Mass this morning, working on my sins and forgiveness.  I’m sincerely grateful for the lessons you teach me.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  I’ll be back on the air tomorrow.  Hope you tune in.

Xoxo, Frase 

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  1. Eileen

    Will you and Samy speak out on how Kane treated you now that so many of his former loyal listeners have seen him in a different light? Please!?

  2. Elizbeth Gibson

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  3. jasmine

    omg! i am so happy i found this blog/post today(a tad bit late hee hee) because i was JUST thinking about you, sarah, on my drive to work and how much i miss you and wondered what you have been up to! i feel the kane show has never been the same without you, and honestly, i have never liked kane because i do not feel he is a genuinely good person. also, he constantly makes references to what a good person he is and truly good people do no such thing. i am so happy i can switch over to your station! and all you haters, shut your mouths, why are you all attacking sarah for posting how she feels?? sarah, i think you do not owe ANYONE an apology! also, even if natasha did what she did, kind of makes you think, how bad it must have been with kane for her to go to such extremes. proves my point, kane portraying himself as the sad victim, who does no wrong. i can spot fake people a mile away! anyways so happy for you sarah, i am your fan!

  4. Peter


    Don’t be such a bitch.


  5. Ryan

    I think what this whole thing boils down to is that it is DARN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to be in show business, be it radio, TV, or movies, and maintain a serious relationship or marriage committment. I’ve been there. worked in radio many years…weekends, nights, taking my kids to the job on Sundays so I could see them. it cost me my marriage.

  6. Wow Sarah, I’m disappointed in you! You either truly take the high road and not comment or just come out with your full story instead of the constant snide comments you keep making. It makes you look really catty.

  7. If you truly didn’t want to stoop to his level then you wouldn’t have posted anything or shared a single insight about this or any issue.. Oh well…#karmabeabitch cause your show got cancelled.

  8. Pattie


    I just came back to read the comments and I just wanted to say to the people on here commenting that they think it isn’t becoming of you to be passive aggressive and make sly remarks about Kane… Let me point out Kane, Danni and Intern John do the same thing to STM constantly. I rarely listened since you guys came back, but the few times I did there were always jabs at you guys. Always. Comments made such as "the ratings are better than ever-addition due to subtraction" and "I’m just saying I DO do mornings" to name a few direct quotes I can think of. Kane is quick to spin it that you guys are jealous of his successes…. That goes both ways, and if your listeners abandoning STM for making snide remarks about Kane it would be pretty hypocritical of them to stay loyal to him in response. Since Kane did his wife dirty on the air like that, I will never listen to his show again.
    Love you Sarah and you guys. I hope you reach your goal of becoming #1. The next time your managers tell you your breaks need to be shorter, tell them the listeners disagree. I think they’re too short to begin with, especially since two of them are replays anyway.

    Wishing you the best!!


  9. Maxine

    Might I add you say that Kane knew Natasha would be attacked and that’s why your so angry blah blah blah. Throwing jabs at Kane on your show can have the same effect but it’s ok because Kane was mean to you right? You are no better the he is if that’s the case. Your fans attack Kane all the time and you seem to encourage it. Natasha received more attacks because he has more fans. You have to practice what you preach because you clearly don’t. Kane might be a bad person but you are to.

  10. Maxine

    You really don’t feel sorry for Kane stop lying your happy about it. It just shows your true character your first reaction was how you really felt. I never liked and always had a bad feeling about you and you proved my point. Just the simple fact that you keep talking about Kane shows your stalking him and just waiting for his down fall. Have you noticed the ratings have gone through the roof sine you Mel and Sammy left? Anyway get over it and move on. We all have people do us wrong if that’s what really happened but dwelling on it makes you look stupid.

  11. Larry Gonzales

    Thanks for sharing. This was a good read.

  12. Rsmisto


    I really used to enjoy you on the Kane Show, but at this point I wish you would stop talking about him. It almost feels as if you are talking about him, to help make your new show relevant. I don’t see the point of telling Natasha you are here for her through this blog. If you wanted to reach out to Natasha, I would think you have her contact information and don’t need a public forum to do so.

    I tried listening to STM yesterday, and it just comes across as sarcastic and negative. The constant jabs at the Kane Show, as well as the fact that Samy cut off a listener while she was talking, just rubbed me the wrong way. That’s why I continue to listen to many other morning shows.

    At this point,in my opinion, you should either just stop talking about Kane all together, or for once and all, just tell everyone what you are so mad about. You talk about how you’ve spent time speaking with a therapist about all of this, yet you are still beating a dead horse. I know you are so much better than that. Focus on making your new show the greatest and forget about Kane.

  13. Sophie

    I think it’s ironic that people are trying to call her out for making an effort to right a wrong. We all make mistakes and sometimes say/tweet the wrong things, give the chick a break! What Kane did was despicable putting his wife on blast like that knowing fully well how brutal social media can be. Some things need to be handled privately, this should’ve been one of those things. He could have handled this very differently and he chose not to. So while Sarah posted something in poor taste she definitely has a right to her opinion.

  14. Lisette

    The thing is…we all make mistakes. I’m glad I don’t really listen to Kane anymore and I’m glad I listen to you guys.

    You apologized, and that’s awesome. You made a mistake. He made a mistake by airing. Natasha made a mistake by taking off (if that’s how it happened). The moral of the story? We’re human, we make mistakes, we learn. We improve. Love listening to you guys!

  15. Eli

    I used to listen to the Kane Show regularly…not so much any more because Intern John is stupid and immature and his speech impediment is annoying to listen to. I was happy to find STM accidentally one day because I generally avoid 107.3 because of their awful morning shows in the past (Jack Diamond, Bert).
    However, when I did listen to the Kane Show, Natasha came off like an entitled beeyotch who acted like Kane should be so lucky to be with her because she thinks she is so much hotter than him. I did not hear Kane’s breakdown so I am not looking at her through his lens, either. That is simply how she presented herself on air. And I am not all impressed with someone who would passive-aggressively insert themselves via social media into that situation and champion someone who portrays herself as a vapid, self-absorbed, money-grubbing bimbo. Kane may very well be a douche, but she sucks, too. Your "apology" is not an apology at all. You basically are like OH SO SORRY I got myself involved and then explain why it is OK for you to comment with nebulous references to bad blood that are lacking in specifics. I guess I will be searching for yet another morning show to listen to.

  16. Stephen

    What I find strange is why did Natasha take the hard drives? What was she hiding? To clean out the bank accounts, safes and not paying any bills just to keep it all for herself speaks volumes. To purchase all those gift cards all in effort to hide money from her husband, who does this? Someone with something to hide, that is who. Natasha you are a disgrace.

  17. Megan

    I agree with you Sarah. No need to apologize. I used to be an avid Kane show listener and I caught a lot of things. To me I think he is playing a role on his show, and I see he tried to cast certain character types for the supporting roles based on the chemistry you guys had. Sarah/Danni- Strong,opinionated women. Sammy/John- the rude, inappropriate but funny guy (Honestly I think IJ is just annoying and inappropriate not funny). Mel/Rose the sweet ones who don’t say much. I don’t know him personally, but I can tell he is not the nice guy he tries to portray on the radio. Actions like this, with him fully aware of the precautions, shows his real character.This is why I stopped listening and honestly, the show was never the same after you guys left. But anyways, Keep up the good work on STM. The DMV need more real than fluff.

  18. Diana

    @Aaron –
    Speak for yourself. I am sticking with STM even more hardcore then ever. Sarah was just being honest in her opinion, as we are all entitled to do. So farewell Aaron- have fun listening to staged radio!

  19. Aaron

    Your clarification Sarah is nothing more than an attempt to excuse your behavior. Even if Kane was wrong for airing details about his divorce publicly, your post was completely tasteless and classless for taking pleasure in the breakup of a family. And, to be honest, your blogpost is even worse. You claim to apologize and admit you were wrong, but it is completely hollow. It is clear for anyone who reads it closely that what you are really trying to do is blame your post and actions on old hard feelings about Kane and his personality to limit the impact this has on your radio show. Hopefully, others will see through this as well. I enjoyed listening to you when you were on the Kane Show and had started making the transition to your show recently because I was excited about your return. Your actions, however, have made it clear to me that you are not someone I want to listen to and have made it easy for me to decide switch stations back to 99.5. I’m sure many feel the same way and have made the same decision.

  20. Eddie

    I don’t know where to start with this. I never comment on blog posts, etc., but I felt strongly enough here to say something….
    I really did enjoy you on 99.5. I’m a longtime Kane Show listener and missed you and Samy when you guys left–really hoped you’d find success with your TV career and following your dreams. I was really disappointed when you ended up back here, not only as competition to the Kane Show but constantly bashing them and getting subtle digs in. Free advice: people are very loyal to the Kane Show and don’t like being made to feel as if they have to pick a side; it also comes off as juvenile and petty to bash them all the time. I get being in bad situations and feeling resentful, I’ve been there myself, but at a certain point you need to move on or at least save the rude commentary for close friends and family. However, I was gradually starting to warm up to you again when you did your bikini challenge…thought it was something brave, different, and really neat of you to do.
    Your tweet made me lose so much respect for you. I’m glad at least you admit you could have handled it differently, but seriously? You do realize that two little girls are going to be in the middle of what looks like it’s going to be a nasty divorce–glad you’re so thrilled about ‘karma’, but I personally would not wish this on anyone.. I don’t know the whole story obviously, but hearing Kane tell his side was heartbreaking. I want to support you, but I can’t as long as this nastiness with the Kane show goes on. Same goes for Mel. At least Samy keeps his mouth shut about it.

  21. Marie

    You shouldn’t apologize for speaking your mind. If people like it or not that’s their choice, and people shouldn’t care either (although what happened on the Kane show was distasteful ) Keep your head up high and feel confident about your success and loyal fans. Have an awesome week!

  22. Jillian_Mancini

    Should Kane have aired out his personal business for all to hear? Probably not. But that’s for him to deal with.
    I would have more respect for you if you hadn’t written this pity piece blog post. If you’re going to say something, own it. It’s obvious that you pursuing a TV career isn’t the only reason you left The Kane Show and you have bitter feelings towards the current members of that show. If you don’t like the guy and feel that karma is biting him in the a$$, then own that feeling. Don’t make a comment and then try to backpedal.
    Even if your comment isn’t the popular opinion, people will respect you more for standing by your comment.

  23. DD

    well at least you drew traffic to your blog. As others have stated, the classy thing would have been to say nothing. Backpedaling does not make it right. You throw your digs in whenever you can without saying what really happened. Man up and say it or shut up and quit using another show to try and boost your ratings. If you and your show are that great, you will get listeners. No need to use cheap tactics.

  24. No Longer a Fan

    As an adult you should learn to live your life without judgement. Especially when you are NOT 100% transparent. You are coming off as a liar, and blame shifter and I will no longer listen to your show.

  25. J.

    You know whats funny…instead of giving your side of why you left the Kane show, you went "to pursue television" and then popped up with a new show. you talk about taking the high road but you made a snarky comment in order to add your two cents to what has become an s-storm on a local level. You, Mel, and Samy spent the early days of your show trying to garner listeners by passive aggressively bashing the kane show instead of standing on your own merits and personalities. You preach about taking the high road but as soon as an outlet is made available that has ZERO to do with you, you took it. then you try and disguise your opinion with the fact that you are a woman and so is Natasha and no woman should have to go through what Kane put her through by airing their dirty laundry. Lets be real you are trying to poach listeners. You are trying to gather the fray to bring them to the STM side. In addition to trying to poach listeners you have stuck your nose somewhere it does not belong at all. You may have been engaged before but you do not know what its like to be married and be in the public eye. You should have taken the real high road which was to say NOTHING. Even if you dont respect the man that Kane is, respect his marriage. Dont "reach out" to Natasha and tell her that you are there for her. You’ve never been married nor do you have kids. You dont know her pain, you were being messy its all messy. Kane is messy. Natasha is messy. Her sisters/family are messy. its a friggin train wreck. just speak your peace about Kane and say what happened if you dont want to do that then just be quiet and try and focus on raising the ratings of your "lovely" show. dont be the radio show that capitalizes on someone’s pain…no matter how you feel about the person.

    1. Sarah Fraser

      Hi J – Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I really do appreciate them. I wish I could say more and I wish I was able to speak my peace about Kane but for many reasons I can’t do that right now. Natasha was once a good friend and Kane was too. I’m sure someday the entire story will be told but for now I needed to speak up on something that I felt was wrongly handled. Did I handle it in the best manner with my initial tweet…no. For that I’m sorry and a work in progress. Enjoy the day. Xo, Sarah

    2. Sarah Fraser

      Hi J – Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I really do appreciate them. I wish I could say more and I wish I was able to speak my peace about Kane but for many reasons I can’t do that right now. Natasha was once a good friend and Kane was too. I’m sure someday the entire story will be told but for now I needed to speak up on something that I felt was wrongly handled. Did I handle it in the best manner with my initial tweet…no. For that I’m sorry and a work in progress. Enjoy the day. Xo, Sarah

  26. MH

    You did nothing wrong. He is fake, he sells out everyone he possibly can to get ahead. He sold out Mel, he has no problem playing audio from other stations that have been sold the same WOTR and saying he was "ripped off", and I stopped listening when I caught him stealing jokes and entire "listener problems" from advice columns. You have nothing to apologize for, he blamed Natasha for everything in his roundabout, backhanded way… "It’s all her fault, but I still love her, oh, all my anxiety was all her fault." I wish you’d speak out more to protect her, to be honest with you.

    To put it in perspective for anyone still defending him… Elliot Segal has a reputation pretty much as a jerk. He’s not even close to the number one radio host in DC. And yet, his crew has been relatively stable. (Yes, I know the stuff with Flounder and Craig.) But even they were around for a while. The Kane Show has seen a COMPLETE revamp, and it was the number 1 show. Why does anyone leave the number 1 show like that? Think about the way Mel was handled? He gladly threw her under the bus.

    Kane isn’t a good person. He’s underhanded and devious. This latest bit with his wife proves what I need to know – he’ll sell anyone out. Everyone is talking about his bravery for the way he handled it. He went on the radio, sold out this woman to his loyal followers, and is acting "surprised" that people are angry. He’s not a good person. A good person would have let things happen and then announce it when the deal was made. There’s a reason he scrubbed the audio from his podcast. He doesn’t want it to be played in court. If Natasha is smart, she’ll make sure that it’s played to show that she’s in danger right now, because of him.

    You keep doing what you’re doing, Frase.

  27. Nikki

    Thanks for being real. That’s why I switched over to you guys in the first place.

    1. Sarah Fraser

      I appreciate it Nikki! I’m always a work in progress. Love that you made the switch. Xo, Sarah

  28. Ashes

    Sarah, you keep it so real. Why people don’t see that he did that on purpose(whether true or not. Even though I doubt, well I know he is lying smh) baffles me. Just keep up ur work. We need more real out here.

    1. Sarah Fraser

      Ashes…I really appreciate your message. You have great advice. Keeping focused on the work and my bigger picture is what I want to do. I don’t always succeed but that’s the goal. Xo, Sarah

  29. Pam

    Disappointed in that nonsense you posted. I’ve always been a fan of yours and supportive of your new career/DIY womanhood, but you came across as revelling in what is an awful situation. You also came across as mean and bitter. I totally support supporting other women, but that wasn’t entirely what your messages were about.

    Instead of focusing on your show and being the best YOU can be, you seem determined to focus on your former coworker. Get over it. I want to like your show, but the continued focus on your previous job (and not so subtle digs) make me dislike listening and tune out. You’re good at what you do- this behavior is detracting from it. You acknowledged above that it landed you where you are today- so take it and run!

    Most of all, please be/stay kind. I think it’s who you truly are- and it’s who I always liked listening to on my radio.

  30. Katherine

    You have nothing to apologize for, but I applaud you for explaining yourself. I always speak before I think, especially when I am upset. I stopped listening to the Kane show when Mel left because the whole situation didn’t sit well with me, and I will definitely never listen to that show after how he handled this situation with Natasha. I am a huge fan of STM, keep your heads held high and continue doing a great job on YOUR show!

  31. Diana

    You rock Sarah.
    Point blank.
    And yes, Karma IS a bitch.
    Aint no harm in telling the TRUTH!

  32. LaichItIs

    I find it a bit comical that in all the messages I’ve seen on his Facebook post about it no one tells him that the way he went about it was wrong. I’ve seen "celebs" do lesser controversial things and get flack for it, then again it’s usually women.

    Couldn’t blame you one bit if you chose to spill beans or drive the karma bus. Not sure what went down before but would also hope that you’d reach out to Nat to make sure she’s okay. Hey maybe you could even add her to the show 🙂

  33. ErpM3l

    I love how you practice what you preach and want to acknowledge how so few words could cut some folks rather deeply. However, without knowing the details of what happened between you and Peter, I clearly saw parallels between Friday’s "tearful" disclosure and the statement issued about Melanie’s "abrupt" departure as well. I don’t know any of the parties involved in any if these situations but I think that when folks want to form opinions and/or criticizisms, the source ought to be considered. I no longer listen to that station but I did hear a recording of the statement and the pattern was obvious.
    There are a few reasons why, although I usually think airing ones dirty laundry leaves you open to feedback of all varieties, we need to let this play out between the parties involved:
    1- The children and Natasha’s extended family are not Kane Show talent and do not deserve to have their private pain made so much more painful by public vitriol
    2-It makes the public the bad guy while the person who incited the negative responses feigns surprise and swears his hands are clean
    3- It serves to validate a certain someone’s hubris and ensure that they can and will continue this pattern in future, because we keep believing it.

     From day one of STM I changed my presets from that other station and haven't looked back. I'm glad you're back and that you're in a good space; good enough to reflect and sympathize with someone who might not ever do the same for you. You are AMAZEBALLS ;-)
  34. Kay Gee

    My parents split up when I was 7. I would hear my mom talk trash, my dad never did, even though he could’ve said a lot of things. He respected my innocence to this day, I’m 30 years old. Guess who I’m closer and appreciate the most today???
    Kane didn’t care about sheltering his daughters and made sure the whole DMV was aware of what kind of mother they had, whether it may or may not be truth. When you are a parent you put your kids feelings and emotions before yours, no matter how much you are hurting inside. He clearly doesn’t have a grip on reality and only cared for the attention he would receive. How sad.
    I’m glad I have a good role model of what a good parent should be, too bad those 2 girls don’t. At least not a good father figure.
    He’s a good radio host, but that’s about it. Looking at his actions, that seems to be mis main concern. No pity party for him.

  35. Pattie


    I’m not mad at you. I thought what Kane did on Friday was disgusting. It’s my opinion that he gave all of those details (be they true or untrue) with the intention of his followers going after Natasha. I think he did it to retaliate for her Instagram post. It seems he was angry he wasn’t in control of the way the info was being shared, so he took it to the next level to retaliate.

    Love you, love the show. Wishing to best for Nat & her girls.


  36. Ak

    I remember when you were on the Kane show…and when you left. It was presented like you were leaving for an opportunity on TV.. Anyone else remember this? Same thing with Samy.. Moving on to a better career opportunity… If that wasnt the case, then why after years does it come out that it wasnt the case?Mel leaving did blindside alot of listeners bc it was not presented the same way that yours and Samy’s departures.. Either way, I commend you for this post to clear up your tweet. And praying for everyone involved is a show of true class!

    1. Wait

      Well, Sarah did go on to try out a TV opportunity. So, it was the case. Maybe there were other reasons as well but Sarah definitely did have a show for a while.

  37. Kelly

    You brought tears to my eyes with this post. It was written so eloquently and while it’s evident you didn’t have a positive relationship with P, you still handled it in a mature and positive manor. One of the thins I admire is how you embrace woman and promote positivity to other women, this is a great example of that. Prayers for everyone involved.

    Statements like these are why you’re my hero 🙂


  38. Theresa

    i really respect this Sarah, you’re a great person.

  39. Nicole

    This is why i love you Sarah. Took the words right of my mouth regarding that situation

  40. Sarah,

    In my opinion, the people who criticized you for 4 words in a Tweet were being ridiculous. Obviously, we don’t know what happened with you and Kane, but the way he aired out his relationship with Natasha was EXTREMELY unprofessional, and quite frankly, made me feel more animosity towards HIM than anything else. The details of his relationship with Natasha did not in any way need to be shared, and he made her look like a villain while he played the saint. And now hundreds of people are posting AWFUL things on all her Instagram and blog posts… Kane started this shit storm to be an asshole, so you saying "karma is a bitch" was not only accurate, but justified. You said that after he publicly hung Natasha out to dry and sent the mob after her with torches and pitchforks. That WILL come back to him.

    Maybe everything he said about Natasha was true, but I doubt it. Even if it was and she was as evil as he made her out to be, people are crazy. He made her, and most of all, Sam and Sophie targets of the public in this divorce. He doesn’t know that some crazy Kane Show fan won’t try to harm her for this. He abused his popularity.

    So, the people criticizing you would have been better served criticizing HIM, or at the very least, criticizing the people calling Natasha names and threatening her on social media, b/c at the end of the day- two little girls are going to be harmed from this in some way.

    You’re not the bad guy, here, Sarah. And I’ll always be a fan of yours- have been since you started on the Kane show, and will continue to be.


    Julie aka VivaciousJewelz on Twitter. We’ve interacted before. 🙂

  41. Jackie

    See, this is why I stopped listening to STM. You’ve said that you made the decision not to open up about why you truly left the Kane show, yet all I would hear on STM were constant digs at them and 99.5. If you’re not going to comment, don’t. If you are, do. Most of all, practice what you preach. Im sure that what ever happened must have been pretty awful if you wanted to leave because of it but you might want to seek out some counseling or something because it’s been years and it still seems to have such an affect on you. I’m praying for YOU and that you’re able to get past your past someday.

    1. SMH

      Preach! I also tried out STM because I missed the old Kane Show crew. But there were definitely subtle jabs towards the "other" radio show often enough that I got turned off and stopped listening. Now this whole thing blows up on the Kane Show and I see comments alerting me to what Sarah is saying on social media. Jess, move on professionally. I get that she might personally revel in hearing bad news but to make any comment online just shows how little she’s moved on.

    2. Decky

      Totally agree with u, again, as Sarah says, there are 3 sides, Kane and John have said that Sarah left on her own accord because she wanted to pursue her TV career in nyc, that Kane done the decent thing by letting her out of her contract early, same with Mel in fact, but yet Sarah makes Kane out to be this big bad wolf! Personally I can’t stand Sarah, her voice goes through me, and she will get her karma when STM gets dropped, which is going to happen sooner rather than later if I am to believe what I hear.

      I personally think Sarah is jealous of Kane and says the remarks because she is jealous of the shows success

  42. Sarita!!
    Through social media I heard what happened on a radio show called "The Kane" show.
    Why would someone want to air their dirty laundry on a radio show? Could you please answer this Sarah?
    Is this guy "Kane" looking for sympathy?
    Lord forbid me ever getting a divorce but if in the case it ever happens I would never take it to Facebook or Twitter it’s a private matter.
    The word divorce is scary to me as cancer and I pray for those who go through this horrible mess.
    I personally did not see anything wrong with what you tweeted, there are a lot of worse things happening around us to worry about a tweet.
    Keep being you Sarah don’t ever change.
    God bless you and your family!

  43. Crystal

    Well said! I’ll always listen and appreciate your honesty, though I don’t think you needed to apologize. At the end of the day people need to realize it’s entertainment.

  44. Sarah,

    You’ve got a fan with me. I was a listener of The Kane Show via podcast and iHeart replays until I heard that he aired his dirty laundry on Friday. I am not taking sides at all…I agree that there are three sides to every story. But, I also am not interested in partaking in the stress of it all. I’ve been through a horrible divorce myself (my husband and best friend were having an affair) and I never once said anything bad about him or her publicly. Did I have words for both of them privately, with my close friends only and family? Oh, hell yes! I blog about the demise of our relationship and I changed both of their names. I feel it’s the honorable thing to do.

    I did not hear what was said on Friday and I don’t care to listen to the podcast.

    I also know that it is none of my business and I also know that we ALL do things that we question when a firestorm erupts.

    I also don’t know what happened between them and I will never come to any conclusions or assume anything. Again…it’s their business.

    I appreciate you posting here and admire you being fully accountable for your comment. We’ve ALL been there.

    I am a big fan and will always be a big fan.

    Love heals everything.

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