I want to clarify a recent social media comment I posted.

Happy Sunday. Thank you all for sharing your comments and thoughts with me regarding my comment from Friday; you always give me so much to think about and learn from. In hindsight, I should have used different words to convey my thoughts but the manner in which Peter presented his relationship with Natasha brought back some old hard feelings. 

As I’ve shared with you previously, I go back-and-forth on sharing the dynamics between me and Peter during my time on The Kane Show.  While I’m appreciative of the opportunities that job presented me later in life, I cannot ignore the manipulation that now seems to be repeating occurrence – with my experience, others, and now with Natasha.  The main difference though between my situation was that it was primarily business related – it still felt personal though.  With Natasha – this was all personal, and incredibly unfair.

Natasha was once a good friend of mine.  I was heartbroken to see people attack her on her social media, and to see her mom and her sisters frantically defend her against people wishing such anger and vitriol on her was saddening.

It’s often said “he who controls the microphone controls the message.”  I understand why Peter shared this difficult time with his listeners – my co-hosts and I often share personal stories with our listeners…it’s a more intimate but entertaining show we want to produce, and it helps us form a better bond with our listeners.

I’ve seen several posters write there are three sides to every story – his, hers, and the truth.  My frustration and disappointment was the way the story was presented, knowing full well that Natasha would be attacked in the processed, and then afterwards telling people “please don’t attack her.”  This was an attack on a wife, a mother, and a woman…and I feel sickened as a woman to see the aftereffects.  This could have been handled in a fairer manner.

To Natasha: I’m praying for you and for your girls.  I’m here to talk if you need an ear – STM is here if you want a forum to respond.  That is not a crass publicity stunt or offer…it’s an opportunity for you to share your story in an equal forum.

To Kane: I’m praying for you too.  Regardless of how I feel about our past, I realize you’re in a difficult situation, a place I wouldn’t wish on others.

To my fans: I wish I chose my words more carefully on Friday.  I’ll be at Mass this morning, working on my sins and forgiveness.  I’m sincerely grateful for the lessons you teach me.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  I’ll be back on the air tomorrow.  Hope you tune in.

Xoxo, Frase 


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