Archive: February 2016

New Orleans: My complete guide!

A couple of weekends ago I took a trip to New Orleans for my Birthday weekend. It was my first time in the Big Easy and when people say...'there's no place like New Orleans,' they're right. I love the south. From the architecture to the people I can't get enough - I even love the heat! Nothing...

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All Things Mosaic: My Guide to Eating, Shopping, and Living Life

I love discovering new places – uncovering new gems that are right in front of us gives me a thrill. Mosaic in Fairfax, VA is my latest jewel. I first found this shopping and entertainment area about a year ago after I returned to DC after living briefly in NYC.  I heard the buzz about...

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Saturday morning is always a good time for me to do some reflecting. Reflecting on the week and my life journey. This Saturday morning I'm in a funky mood because of rejection. I'm use to rejection, I've had plenty of it from jobs to relationships but for some reason this most recent one really...

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