5 Ways To Quit Dieting and Love Your Body

5 Ways To Quit Dieting and Love Your Body

Below, the picture of me above on the left was when I graduated from college, I weighed 190lbs and hated myself. On the right is today, I think I weigh around 135lbs but I don’t know because:

a) I don’t give a damn
b) I don’t own a scale. F^ck scales, everyone should throw them out
c) The size of my jeans no longer matter because I’m happy

Sarah before and after weight loss

Sarah before and after weight loss

Every year for nearly 15 years my New Year’s resolution was always to lose weight and get hot! And every year around this time my plan would have completely failed. According to statisticbrain.com the top New  Year’s resolution in 2017/2018 was weight loss, and less than half of the people actually follow through on their resolutions. I lived this way for 14 years. Believing that the answer to happiness was losing weight and attempting to be flawless and magazine gorgeous. It was mental and physical torture.

I tried every diet you could imagine: Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, Kashi GoLean, South Beach, Eat Right For Your Blood Type…I would lose 10 lbs only to put 25lbs back on. After gaining and losing 150lbs I had hit rock bottom. I was emotionally wiped out; I was filled with anxiety and didn’t want to leave my apartment because I felt like a failure.

Through divine intervention, I googled ‘how to give up dieting and love your body in Washington, DC’ and the first name I saw was Robin Mize. Robin is a Licensed Therapist who has specialized in mindful eating for 15 years. After doing some research I booked an appointment with her immediately. After two years I lost 40lbs without depriving myself of one food item and I have kept the weight off for more than four years.

If you’re like me and your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and be perfect has failed, I hear you. But I promise you there is another way. I wanted to share with you my end of January ‘5 tips To Start Mindful Eating and Lose Weight Naturally. Diets don’t work. Only 5% of people who go on a diet maintain the weight loss long term, and long term means that the client keeps the weight off for 5 years or more. Those statistics suck. Why would you put yourself thru it?


  1. Start a food mood journal– Write down what you eat and when. Keep track of your thoughts and emotions when you start eating and when you finish. Print a sample journal. 
  2. Pay close attention to binge eating– don’t beat yourself up! when you have a binge make a special note about it in your food mood journal.
  3. Be patient– What is the hardest part of mindful eating? It’s not a quick fix. It takes a long time to stop binge eating and emotional eating. Also, everyone who is overweight eats for different reasons. Past trauma in your childhood, a stressful job, a terrible marriage or relationship. You have to give yourself time to discover this.
  4. Educate yourself on emotional eating–  Here are my 5 book recommendations to give up dieting and start mindful eating. Anyone of these is a great beginners guide.
  5. Start cognitively reframing the voice in your head-The voice in your head is key to mindful eating and losing weight naturally. Sometimes it helps to give the voice a name like ‘Fred’ or ‘Fuck Face’ whatever reminds you that the negative voice is crap. When that record starts playing in your head that you’ll ‘never lose weight’ you have to change it. Tell that voice…’not today Fred!’ I may not have worked out, or I may have had a binge but that doesn’t mean the day or week is ruined. I will start again at dinner or tomorrow morning.

 These 5 tips can get you on the right path of giving up dieting and to start losing weight naturally and loving your body. I know how long this journey to food freedom can take but be kind to yourself and know that you’re not the only one refusing to make another a New Year’s Resolution around dieting.

Love you, Sarah

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