A Mervis Diamond Love Story

A Mervis Diamond Love Story

Mervis diamond Tysons

Paul Wharton and Me at Mervis Diamond!

If you’re not already familiar with Mervis Diamonds they have been helping couples celebrate their love with ethically sourced conflict-free diamonds for almost 100 years. They have 3 locations in DC and do business all around the world! Here is one of Mervis Diamonds most recent love story that Paul and I have been involved in…

Meet Chrissy and Derek

Mervis diamond engagement rings

Meet Chrissy and Derek!

It’s not often that you hear a story that shows you love always finds a way but Chrissy and Derek’s Mervis Diamond Love Story does just that. Their connection started way back in high school when they first met but that’s not where they fell in love. One day in 2013 Chrissy saw Derek’s FB statues updated to single, wasting no time, Chrissy contacted him to see if he was interested in going on a date (I love a woman who goes after what she wants!). Chrissy had always really liked Derek and this was the perfect time to show it.


It wasn’t always easy though but love always finds a way….

A couple years ago Chrissy wrote into the Hey Frase Podcast and asked for some advice on how to handle the difficulties she was having with Derek’s mom (her future mother-in-law). Mothers always want to protect their little baby boys even when their grown men (am I right?!). By the time Chrissy contacted me the problems she was experiencing had mounted to the point where she was ready to break off the relationship.

The Advice

The advice I gave Chrissy was simple “talk it out”. What you resist persists! I suggested she take Derek’s mom to lunch and get to the bottom of the problem. Sometime after the lunch, Chrissy contacted me to tell me that she and Derek’s mom had been getting along much better and Chrissy and Derek were happier than ever!

Onward to Mervis Diamond in Tysons!

Fast forward a few years and Derek and Chrissy are ready to get engaged! On Dec. 2nd (you might have seen the entire thing go down on our Facebook live) Chrissy and Derek met with Paul Wharton,Fazken, a Mervis associate, and me to pick a fabulous engagement ring at the Mervis Diamond showroom in Tyson Square. The Mervis Diamond selection process is amazingly easy. First, they helped Chrissy and Derek layout their budget. Then they presented Chrissy with a half a dozen different rings to try based on the looks they had in mind. The Mervis Team help them select a ring and band from their many options such as solitaire with a simple band, a split shank diamond band, and there platinum solitaire band…In the end, Chrissy selected the Platinum Solitaire Band with a round cut 1.4-carat diamond! Sign me up!

Mervis diamond wedding rings

The gorgeous ring!

Recently Chrissy texted me wedding themes, she is thinking a silver bling outside wedding! Fabulous!

Couples looking for a diamond have to go to Mervis Diamonds they have tons of fabulous options and a team of diamond exports that can help you pick the best possible diamond that will be a reflection of your love for years to come!

Love you guys xoxoxo, Sarah and Paul

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