A radio prank and what do you think of this T-shirt design?

If you missed it on today’s podcast a local DC DJ has asked us to help him with a radio prank…here’s his email. I’ve edited out the name of station because we don’t want to ruin the surprise. Should we help this guy out?

Check out what prank Samy K wants to do on today’s podcast: Hey Frase Episode 46



I got a gig working on the Morning Show at WDCN La Nueva 87.7fm here in DC.
with April Fools coming up, I was wondering if you and Sammy would like to help me pull off a crazy Radio Stunt? 
the idea is simple: Could you and Sammy create Drops for a “Fictional” Radio flip? it can be anything you want it to be. for example “HeyFrase 87.7fm” or “Smoking Sammy 87.7fm where its 420 all day long” etc. 
with those drops I will tag them with our imaging saying “April Fools por los Reyes De La Mańana” 
the Beauty of my Position at WDCN is that the morning crew and I have creative control over our 6am-12pm time slot. I think we can make a crazy splash and the Airwaves.
feel free to give me a call for more details 


And…we’re getting t-shirt designs for our t-shirt contest. If you have a t-shirt idea for the hey frase podcast please email it to me: sarah@heyfrase.com

This is from Juan – not his originally but he thinks we should use it. What are your thoughts? Comment below…

XO, Frase

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  1. HA HA I think you guys should do it… it would be funny; smoooooth country!! Could you do it in Spanish? 😉

    That shirt idea is funny but who folds their shirts that way? I’d def rock a Hey Frase shirt though! 🙂

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