The Sarah Fraser Show is a comedy and pop-culture podcast featuring a wide variety of guests, NSFW topics, and recaps of your favorite TLC shows like 90 Day Fiance, Welcome To Plathville, I Love A Mama’s Boy and more. Host Sarah Fraser is a former Radio Personality, TV Host, Comedian and TV Producer. She lives in LA.


About Sarah

Sarah Fraser, radio, TV personality, comedian and producer is the host of the popular Sarah Fraser Show on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. TSFS is a top trending podcast on Apple Podcasts where it regularly trends in Apple’s Top 200 Most Downloaded TV and Film Shows. Sarah appears weekly on FOX 5’s number one ‘Like It Or Not’ a magazine style show where she discusses lifestyle topics that include: “Do Open Marriages Ever Really Work” to “Social Media Prenups.” Sarah was also the host of The Sarah, Ty, and Mel Show on DC’s 107.3 in Washington, DC. Notably, Sarah was a lead co-host of the only radio show in the DC-metro area that featured two women’s names in the title. . From 2007 to 2013 Sarah spent her mornings co-hosting the D.C. metropolitan area’s top-rated morning drive show among adults, which boasted more than 20 million listeners in the DC metro area and on iheartradio. As the former co-host of the enormously popular “The Kane Show” of HOT 99.5 (WIHT-FM), Sarah’s voice was heard through syndication on WZFT-FM in Baltimore, Maryland, WFLZ-FM in Tampa, Florida, KISS 107 FM in Cincinnati, Ohio, Radio Now 101.9 FM in Memphis, Tennessee and 98.9 Radio Now FM in Louisville, Kentucky. Additionally, Sarah hosted the popular “The Sarah Show” on HOT 99.5, which served as the mid-day lead in program to The Ryan Seacrest Show. Sarah uses her platform to discuss social issues, particularly concerning women’s empowerment and minority-owned businesses. She currently resides in Los Angeles where she’s started her producing and stand up career with her husband and son.

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