AJ’s Tips for Resetting After Rejection

It’s been a year since ‘Bring the Funny’ and the last twelve months have truly been a JOURNEY ya’ll. It’s been audition after audition, from Squatty Potty to audiobooks. And even though I’ve been given so many opportunities that I am beyond thankful for, I’ve also been turned down more times than I can count. I thought having 0 boyfriends in high school had fully prepared me for rejection, but being told “no” over and over again in the professional world can be super discouraging. Especially when you feel like you’re giving it everything you’ve got.

We’ve all been there. And I’d be lying if I said it didn’t suck. But if I’ve learned one thing from getting knocked down, it’s how to handle rejection and turn it around for the better.

So if you didn’t get that offer letter and you’re in the midst of a pity party, I feel you gal. But I’m hoping the lessons I’ve learned might help you through it.

You’re allowed to be upset, but not for long.

If you get yourself in a prolonged slump…you’re only missing out on future opportunities.  When I got the news I got rejected from a job I believed I was super qualified for, I allowed myself a moment of sadness. For me, 1-2 days was sufficient. Then I got over it and focused my attention on a time-worthy project.

Use your rejection as a learning experience.

If you can, figure out what you could have done differently or why you were not selected, and learn from that for future opportunities. After I was denied that position, I found out that the hiring agents were very impressed with my resume, but they were looking for individuals with more writing experience. The head of the department asked to have a meeting in the future to discuss other projects they could see me working on! So that’s huge. And no, sometimes you will not get the feedback you were hoping for, but if you have the opportunity to get some constructive criticism – definitely do it. 

One closed door does not mean it’s over.

It simply means – that door is closed, but there is a window opening up, or a different hallway you can walk down. I know that was quite the imagery there, but you know what I mean. Be creative and search for the light at the end of the tunnel. There is probably an even better opportunity waiting for you.

Lastly, rejection is a part of life.

If you are human, then you HAVE experienced rejection or you will in the future. It’s just the reality. So accept it, learn from it, and use it as a conversation-starter once you’ve achieved your goals and you are off doing exciting things 🙂 Everyone needs a fun story to tell – and overcoming rejection will become a part of your journey/story. 

I totally get it. Rejection blows. But if it’s not your time right now, it just means something better is right around the corner. Keep your head up! Everything works out in the end.



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