Bachelorette Parties for the Not-So-Basic Bride-to-Be

In true diva fashion, we surprised Ms. Hey Frase and soon-to-be Mrs. Schman with an epic, DC-based bachelorette party suitable for a female version of a new Hangover sequel! We worked with a variety of local businesses and stopped at nothing to pull off the perfect celebration. Now we are giving you the skinny, a tutorial if you will, on how to throw a local bachelorette party that would make any bride-to-be feel loved… and blush and gush over the details. Pay attention!

Pre-gaming: Before the bachelorette day, we surprised Sarah with a special boudoir photo session with Navjeet Saggu Photography. Friends began sending lingerie ahead of the bachelorette, giving her quite a few selections to feature in her sexy photo shoot. After seeing a sneak peek of a few snaps, all I can say is: WOW! Schman is going to be beside himself when he receives the custom boudoir photo book that Navjeet put together for him as a special wedding gift from Sarah! The photo shoot was just enough to get Sarah excited for the upcoming bachelorette party just two days later. She knew more surprises were in store!

Planning: Planning a bachelorette can be overwhelming; especially when you have quite a few moving parts (wait til you read below!). We found it helpful to commission some event planning help to keep all of the details in order leading up to the event and on the day of the event. Julie Andre Events took the reigns in planning; making sure all of the pieces came together and the timeline was managed to a T. Creative Motion Events by Fay was able to facilitate the entire event design including floral, favors and even the desserts! Consolidating the planning and hiring help allowed us faux-planners (me, lol) to keep our heads on straight!

Bachelorette Party Day! Most of the girls arrived to The Mayflower Hotel DC in time to help set up and do a special cheers in Sarah’s honor, courtesy of Bashes by Brooke Brown. Brooke mixed up a premium batch of Chareau Margaritas that were the cocktail du jour for our festivities; taking Sarah’s favorite classic cocktail (margaritas!) and elevating the flavor a few notches and adding a twist with Chareau aloe liqueur. Delish! When Sarah arrived at the Mayflower, TJ whisked her away for a cocktail at the bar before the entire party came down to surprise her. When she saw the entire group of ladies; old friends and new, locals and out-of-towners, we saw tears well up in her eyes. The most important part of a bachelorette is to have the bride-to-be surrounded by those she loves.

We took Sarah on a brisk walk over to Pole Pressure DC where the owner, Devon, was promptly waiting to begin our class. Sarah donned a Pole Pressure DC shirt during the class. We strutted our stuff with moves for chair dance, pole dance and even got down on the floor with the expert guidance of Pole Pressure staff. We ended class with improvised routines and a dance off before we headed back to the hotel.

Back at the Mayflower, Sarah was stunned at the flawless work of Creative Motion Events by Fay.  The suite was exquisitely adorned with a balloon garland framing an impeccable display of desserts decorated with vibrant floral arrangements. Yet another display featured the “Hey Frase” wine glasses that served as a souvenir for the guests. The suite was also decked out with a full bar courtesy of Bashes by Brooke Brown, a nod to Sarah’s Maine roots was evident in the tray of lobster rolls delivered by Luke’s Lobster, which was the perfect complement to AJ’s gorgeous cheese boards. Sarah was blown away and felt the love tucked into every little detail.

Not before long, we had the police banging on our door. I was pretty sure it was the noise level, until we recognized a cheeky grin… It was Chase from Men in Motion and he (along with a friend!) was coming to reprimand Sarah! Tons of laughs, a few spankings, some demonstrations and a lot of dollar bills later, Sarah was swinging around an enormous pink penis bat in an attempt to bash a huge penis pinata. Apparently punishing penises is better with friends. Sarah & her bestie TJ tag-teamed the pinata and it exploded with mini liquor bottles, condoms, blow pops, penis confections and fine chocolates. After all that heat, we were famished and headed downstairs for a bite to eat and a few more cocktails at Edgars Bar & Grill.

We freshened up and headed over to The Living Room, DC for a night of dancing. Our table at Living Room was stocked with champagne and Patron bottles that arrived by the way of some hotties carrying a lit sign with Sarah’s name on it. Now that is an entrance! We danced the night away and tossed back cocktails until many of us were in a drunken stupor…The beds at the Mayflower hit the spot because nobody needs a backache to compliment a massive hangover! Somehow, we managed to pull it all together and make it over to Bar Deco in a somewhat timely fashion for brunch. We ate, drank (some were able to keep going, how???) and laughed over the details of the night before. There was a lot to laugh about! Now, onward to the wedding!

Advice for friends celebrating the bride-to-be: Coordinating bridal festivities is never the easiest task to take on. There’s a lot of components, logistics and many guests’ preferences and budgets to consider. Just landing on a good date is difficult. There can be setbacks and times where you have to go back to the drawing board and change plans, but the best advice is: Remember that it’s ALL about the bride-to-be.  To see the look on Sarah’s face when she saw her gang of friends appear at the Mayflower to greet her, the tears in her eyes when she saw the fully decorated suite, the laughs we shared at pole dancing, the twinkle in her eye when she saw our resident officer, the huge smile on her face at the club when she danced the night away… it was worth every bit of coordination!

Post event, Sarah hosted Fayola Whyte of Creative Motion Events by Fay on the podcast to discuss her recommendations for planning the ultimate bachelorette party. Fay, a DC-based event designer with a large network of event professionals, shared a few tips to consider such as: delivering an event that speaks to the bride-to-be and her tastes. For example: see how she feels about a male dancer before you foot that bill. For hear more from Fay, check out the July 31st Episode 374.

We asked Sarah what she loved most about the festivities and she was almost at a loss for words “What did I love most? I mean the whole thing. My friends from out of town surprised me. The beautiful set up in the room. Pole Pressure. Dancing til 3am. Basically everything!”. So, ladies and gentlemen, did we knock it out of the park on this one? Comment below and let us know your thoughts! Questions? Submit them below also and we will be happy to help you get the right answer!

Instagram Rolodex:

Photography (Boudoir) – Navjeet Saggu, @navjeet_saggu_photography

Event Planner – Julie Andre Events, @julieandreevents

Hotel Suite Venue – The Mayflower Hotel, DC, @themayflowerhoteldc

Decorator/Event Design, balloons @creative_motion_events

Cocktail Mixology – Bashes by Brooke, @bashesbybrookebrown

Cocktail Du Jour – Chareau Margaritas, @chareauspirit

Cake & Macaroons – Cakesmith, @cakesmithofva

Cake Pops – Nubian Sugar, @nubiansugar301

Glassware/logo’d – AM Custom Designs, @amcustomdesigns

Floral Bouquets (both) @islandgirlflowers, @petalosDC

Photography (Event Design) Katy Murray Photography, @katymurrayphotography

Pole Dancing – Pole Pressure DC, @polepressure

Male Dancers for Hire – Men in Motion, @meninmotion

Club/Lounge – Living Room, @thelivingroomdc

Lobster Rolls – Luke’s Lobster DC, @lukeslobster

Cheese Board by AJ. For inspiration, @andrealopezcomedy

Dinner – Edgar Bar & Grill, Mayflower @themayflowerhoteldc

Brunch – Bar Deco, @bardecodc

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