Bye 2016! I’m grateful for podcasting, clean cancer scans, and friendship breakups

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you but closing out 2016 seems like a breath of fresh air. For me…2016 started out with a HUGE bang but the last two months felt like a bad breakup that kept lingering on.

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks on vacation up in Maine with my family. Nothing keeps me grounded and puts life into perspective like being surrounded by family and friends who I’ve known my entire life. There’s no bullshit in Maine, no trying to climb the ladder, no one up there cares about my social media numbers. Maine is one of my places where anything goes. Time stops and I have time to think, get quiet, and reflect.

In doing a lot of thinking I know 2017 is bringing exciting experiences and big self-transformation moments. I’m also very grateful that 2016 slapped me across the face with some big lessons I needed to learn. The biggest one is that I need to stand on my own (I’ll share more on this over the next couple of months) but there’s always been something in me that has been afraid to own my power and stand alone. 2016 has forced me to face that.

I know for some of you 2016 was the best year of your life and for other’s the worst. Wherever you’re at on your journey I’m excited for you and thinking about you. I wish you so much love and good fortune in 2017. I know together and with self reflection amazing things are happening for all of us.

So here are my high’s and low’s – I always love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below. xoxo, Frase

High Points of 2016

My mom had her yearly cancer scan and she’s 2 YEARS cancer FREE! Thank you God. IF you or you’re family member is fighting cancer there is hope. I am praying for you

Turning down job offers – I’m grateful I had the strength to walk away from a couple of job offers that NEVER would have forced me to grow

The success of the Hey Frase podcast

Launching the Hey Frase podcast

New friendships…especially a bright light in my life named Victor

My family. My wonderful brother, growing niece, generous family members, and of course Dan who is very private but has given me the strength to say NO to so many things and follow my dream.

Trusting myself and trusting my ideas! Amazing things happen when you push thru being uncomfortable and follow your heart

For YOU. So many people have followed me and continue to support me. YOU make me realize I’m doing something world changing.

Grateful for my team who have made so much possible: Samy K, Ashley F, Sarah C, Madonna, TK, Bhavna, Teddy Beats, BTJ, Lerman, FOX 5, Sammy Simpson, DC Improv, everyone who advertised and partnered with the podcast. THANK YOU

God. Each year my faith grows and I know that with true faith everything is possible.

Low Points of 2016 

Friendships ending and changing. I love change but hate when long time friendships change. Makes me sad

Losing a high school friend in a tragic accident

Turning down a great job offer

Spending WAY too much time and energy trying to control things that are out of my control

Underestimating how hard owning my own business would be

Anal Fissures

Seeing so many people impacted with extreme emotion for the Presidential Election

Seeing and hearing so many stories of sorrow and addiction. To those who lost someone near and dear to them in 2016 it’s life changing. I am praying for you

Cease and desist letters – why do I get so many?

Not realizing and owning my power

Racism, sexism, hate, how much work there is to do. I didn’t want to wake up to the fact that some people are still so racist and sexist, but I am and I have and it sucks. #sarahsowhite

Rainbow bagels. These things look and taste like shit



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  1. Brad crum

    Sarah –so proud of you–so privileged to watch you grow and increase your personal power. You are a lion. Keep roaring and all will listen. Brad

  2. MelP

    2016 was such a bag of mixed blessings and crappiness. Thank you for sharing your highs and lows. I’m sure other fans will agree that it makes us feel closer to you and makes you that much more real. 2016 gave me a beautiful baby girl I have wanted for a long time, but immediately upon giving birth to her we found out about a very scary condition that no test, ultrasound, doctor could have predicted during my pregnancy–a total gene mutation fluke that is so rare. But she’s a ham, and already a sassy 8 month old. This year was rough for me and your podcasts seriously were my escapes and helped me laugh. You follow me on Instagram and it’s basically my favorite thing because I’ve been a fan of yours for years during your career and you just get better and better with each year. Here’s to a fantastic 2017z

  3. What a wonderful year of growth and precious family time!

    1. Sana – Thank you so much for leaving a message and reading my blog. Hope your 2017 is off to a good start. love you, sarah

  4. Jessica

    Hey Sarah. Its your friend Jessica! Your blog is so inspirational and yes you are growing. I see it even from 2010 till now. 7 years of following you and then becoming your friend has been a highlight of my year. Friends dont always need to talk or hang out. I dont need or crave that from you. I dont need the status of being oh im heyfrase the famous personalities status. Friends are just supporters. Im sorry i missed a lot of your happenings this year but im glad i got to see the one live show i did. But just know i always support you in prayer and in spirit. I love you!

    My Highs in 2016

    Becoming friends with two Sarahs that have been special. You included lol.

    Falling in love with my partner Venesa

    Moving into a lovely condo

    Turning down 2 jobs that werent the right fit

    Dancing in front of all of Bethesda to james brown

    Dressing up as a Whoopie chushon for halloween and being featured in my costume in fox 5

    Meeting Paul Wharton and Omarousa

    Going to a fabulous party and getting tipsy

    Visiting my family in Nc.

    And taking a new positiob as an IT professional at NOAA in silver spring. Im a government worker now!

    And last but not least the growth in me is insane.

    My Lows,

    Fighting with My partner and nearly losing her forever

    Letting go of unhealthy friendships

    Giving up 2 well paying job and facing failure and shame.

    Losing so many family members in death

    Donald Trump

    Realizing that racism, sexism, and discrimination still harbors so much in this world even facing some of it personally on the job

    2017 here we go!

    1. Jessica – How are you my dear? Thank you for the sweet message. Can you believe how many years we’ve known, followed each other, and now have become friends? I’m so happy you shared your highs and lows! Doesn’t it feel good to put it all out there 🙂 Hope to see you soon, xoxo, Sarah

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