Capital Pride 2017!

Wow – another amazing year celebrating love!! I have always loved working with Capital Pride and feel so honored every time that I get to be a part of the parade! This year we at the Hey Frase Podcast partnered with our wonderful and special sponsor Freddie from Freddie’s Beach Bar!! Freddie is a long time friend and I have had the humbling experience to have him sponsor me for a long time as well. Capital Pride is one of my favorite weekends of the year in D.C and I just wanted to share some pictures and memories from this one!

Our stunning old Thunderbird that got us through the parade in DuPont Circle.

Some Hey Frase listeners enjoying their free t-shirt featuring our NEW design!!!

Here I am crushing it with my Pride Flag, T-shirt, and granny shoes LOL

Intern Irene kept calling me the Bead Queen! What do we think?

Paul and I waiting in front of our branded Thunderbird 😉

The ambulance behind us was there to pick up a guy who fell through a sky light on a roof!! No worries though, he’s safe and sound and had plenty of beads.

Intern Irene and I walking the streets of Pride with our new T-Shirts!

Pussy Power!! These girls got it right! They got a bunch of beads from us and Freddie’s!

Again, I want to say THANK YOU not just to our supporters and listeners but to every single person that came out (literally), participated, slapped on some rainbows and made their presence known because the only way to make this world better is to come together and Capital Pride has a magical way of doing that.

A huge THANK YOU to Freddie’s for sponsoring us and letting us sit in that badass Thunderbird. We love you so much.

If you guys got one of our new shirts send us a picture of you in it and what your favorite part of the parade was!

Comment below and tell us what you thought of Pride and if you saw us in the Parade!!!!

All of my love! XOXO, Sarah.

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