Carats & Couture at Mervis Diamonds was a HUGE hit!

Paul and I wanted to personally thank you for making our first Mervis Diamonds event a HUGE hit. If you were there, thank you. If you missed it last Thursday night we had a Carats & Couture Party at Mervis Diamonds on Kst.

The Effen Vodka was flowing, the Hush Boutique fashion was flying off the shelves, and L is for Luxury glass wear kept us beautifully hydrated.

The crowd was gorgeous and fun. With around 60 party goers we had a packed house that we couldn’t kick out at 8pm (believe me…I tried. LOL. My bedtime is 8:30). A couple of lovely women also stopped in looking for an engagement ring or to upgrade their rings.

Our friend Anya even lost her engagement ring in a freak accident involving an umbrella and has decided to purchase a beautiful replacement from Mervis.

Ronnie and Jonathan Mervis were in attendance of the party and hardly had a minute to sit down. They were helping guests find the perfect bracelet, ring, and earrings.

A fun night was had by all. We hope you had a terrific time with us on Thursday and if you’re in the market for a fabulous ring or gift of jewelry. Email me: – I will connect you directly to Mervis.

xoxo, Frase

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