Chevy Chase Bloomingdale’s Makeup Date Is Upon Us…

Chevy Chase Bloomingdale’s Makeup Date Is Upon Us…

Hey everyone – I am currently on a plane to LA but don’t fear! I’ll be back in time for our September 21st Chevy Chase Makeup Date at Bloomingdale’s. These makeup dates have become so big and sold-out because of the unbelievable giveaways, tutorials, and fun vibe that Bloomingdale’s creates. I am honored to be hosting again this year. Not only will I see you on the 21st but I want you to come check out the 2 carat engagement ring I got from Bloomingdale’s at an incredible price!

Sept 21st join me at Tyson’s Corner Bloomingdale’s starting at 8am. Check in at 8am, makeup show starts at 9am. You need to RSVP for this event so you secure your spot: or call 240-744-3811

Chevy Chase Bloomingdale's Is The Spot
Chevy Chase Bloomingdale’s Is The Spot

Dior, Chanel, Clarins, and so many more will be there showcasing their fall skincare lines and fragrances. When you RSVP you’re guaranteed a gift bag. Plus, if you can’t make the morning session no worries! I’ll be sticking around to host the afternoon fun with DJ Louie as well. Loyalists get 5x points in Cosmetics for the Day!

Don’t wait. Make your VIP reservation today! or call 240-744-3811 – Now wish me luck, I’m headed to the desert out to Alienstock and it’s sure to be a hot mess. UFO’s, dust, storming a military base, what could possibly go wrong?

XOXO, Sarah

Afternoon Session At Chevy Chase Bloomingdale's
Afternoon Session At Chevy Chase Bloomingdale’s
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