Diet’s Don’t Work. My 5 book recommendations to stop dieting and start Mindful Eating

I wish I could truly convey to you how desperate and how much despair I felt five years ago when I went to see my mindful eating and living therapist, Robin Mize for the first time. I was at a personal and professional low. I hated my job, I was single and no prospects on the horizon, I had put on over 30 lbs, and I was depressed.

I had just failed at another diet, the South Beach Diet. I was certain there was no hope. Would I ever be able to love my body? Would I ever be able to stop dieting? Would I ever be able to stop emotionally eating?

Fast forward several years and I am proof it is possible. You can live without being on a diet, you can eat every and any type of food and still lose weight, and you can stop emotionally eating. It all happened for me by learning about and practicing mindful eating.

Mindful eating is the practice of listening to what your body wants to eat and how your body feels. Eating only when you’re HUNGRY and stopping when you’re satisfied. I’ve received dozens of emails from people asking me to talk more about mindful eating and recommend some books on how to get started, so I’ve listed 5 of my favorites below.

Be warned – when you leave diet land the path to losing weight naturally does not happen in 30 days. It probably won’t happen in 60 or 90. It takes time. It took me 3 years to find my natural weight and love my body but now I rarely overeat. I eat dessert almost everyday and I’ve never been more body confident in my life.

Diets don’t work. They don’t even work when your idol Oprah buys into a diet franchise. Diets only work for about 5% of the population. If you think you’re in that 5% congrats – you have much more will power than I do. For the rest of us there is another way.

I encourage you to try many things and be patient during the process of learning mindful living. For me I found help in therapy with Robin, I attended a mindful eating seminar by Geneen Roth in Massachusetts, and I read dozens of books. Everyone will develop a mindful practice in their own way so be easy on yourself.

I hope the book recommendations help and I love hearing your stories of self-love or hate, dieting, and new discoveries. Comment below.

Xo, Frase

5 Book Suggestions To Help You Stop Dieting and Eating Mindfully:



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  1. I have been curious about mindful eating, hearing you talk about it. I lost 65lbs over 10 years ago and gained it back plus more so I know diets don’t work! I now need to lose over 100lbs and will be looking into the books you mentioned!

  2. Kristie

    Hi Sarah,
    My friend has just become a Certified Coach for Mindful Eating. I recently went to a free introductory class to hear about Mindful Eating. I wasn’t totally convinced in the program after leaving but now after reading your experience, I’m in!
    Thanks for sharing your experience. We are going to start meeting on Thursday nights. It would be wonderful if you would come in and share your experience.
    Thanks for your time,

  3. Love you Sarah! I’d be curious to hear more about how mindful eating works? As in, do you ever skip meals because you’re not hungry? Or can you drink alcohol and mindfully eat? When you say eating dessert every night, are we talking a doughnut? Or a bite of ice cream? I need the dirt lol!

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