Save Time & Frustration with Dr. Mintz’s Medical Concierge

Save Time & Frustration with Dr. Mintz’s Medical Concierge

Sarah’s appointment with Dr. Mintz!

Cold weather blues… Cue sore throats and a lingering cough, maybe a fever and God forbid something worse. While getting sick is already an inconvenience, the hassle of navigating a doctor appointment can add insult to injury.

As a matter of fact, it’s become so inconvenient to see our primary doctor, to the point where we’d rather risk the bills and uncertainty of visiting the urgent care or going to the ER. Medicine is now so numbers driven that long waiting times coupled with extremely short appointment slots are commonplace.

After getting fed up by my doctor’s unavailability and wasting precious time on hold and in waiting rooms, I learned about medical concierge. I became acquainted with Dr. Mintz’s practice and was excited about everything it had to offer. I have been a patient over a year now and the difference is amazing:

  • Ease of Scheduling – Making an appointment couldn’t be easier via the website or by phone. Either way, I don’t have to be bothered with long periods of being placed on hold or being transferred around the office to multiple staff.
  • Accessibility – Dr. Mintz offers around-the-clock care and appointments that are extremely convenient. Appointments are always timely, so I never have to plead for an earlier slot. Plus, as a patient, it’s super easy to get in contact with Dr. Mintz via email, by phone call, or even a quick text.
  • Less Time in the Waiting Room – Waiting rooms are for chairs, not people! Ever since I became a patient, I spend less of my valuable time in waiting rooms and more time living my life!
  • Attentive care – I get to see the man, Dr. Mintz, at each and every appointment. My doctor knows me and knows my medical history, so there is no wasted time getting acquainted and I can trust that he will make appropriate recommendations. Dr. Mintz limits the size of his practice to ensure high-quality service for each patient.


So easy to schedule and see Dr. Mintz!

I finally decided that my time is too valuable to be spent on hold or in waiting rooms, and I haven’t looked back since. Dr. Mintz’s unlimited concierge services are available for a very reasonable rate, which can be broken down into a low, manageable monthly service fee. One fee, unlimited care. Find out more today!

Check out these links for scheduling and more information on concierge medicine, and make the switch!


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