Dr. Paul Ruff Plastic Surgery Update!!

Last month I decided to do something WAY out of my comfort zone, I got lip injections and a little Botox for the first time with Dr. Paul Ruff! I felt it was important for me to do something for myself that I have always thought about. I used my mindfulness and love for who I am and transferred that into a little pampering at West End Plastic Surgery.

I have to say it was amazingly easy and painless! We love Dr. Ruff so much we decided to partner with him, big shout out to Dr. Ruff for not only being one of our live show sponsors (come to the show and you might just get a goodie from him in your gift bag) but sponsoring the weekly podcast too! We love the magic that Dr. Ruff does. Check out my before and after pictures…

CRAZY!! Totally subtle and it makes me feel great!

Make sure you head over to West End because I promise – you will be so happy you did. Mention me and Paul so he can know that we sent our PodFam!!

xoxo, Sarah

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