My Terrible Experience with LetGo

Alright, in case you didn’t catch my IG rant, I have to tell you guys about my experience with this app from hell. I’ve been stuck inside staring at my furniture for the last three months and I realized that I hate it all, so Schmano and I decided to sell it online. I signed up for LetGo thinking I could make some money from my end tables or whatever, but it turned out to be the worst decision I’ve ever made. First of all, everyone on this app is only willing to spend $2.50. And they want a discount for driving to pick up what they ordered. Like, no, I’m not giving you half-off of a $12 lamp just because you have to travel 15 minutes to get it. SORRY BISH, BYE.

Also, I can’t believe some of the shit that other people are selling. Y’all. It is so violently crusty. I really need to share with you guys some of my favs (and if any of the stuff is yours, I’m sorry but like, what in tf were you thinking):

$100: Futon Covered in Visible Ass Juice

Y’all thought I was exaggerating about the crust? There it is- in all its sticky glory. The description says the stains are from “trying to clean paint off of it,” but 0% of me believes that. You could put a foam cover on this nightmare and STILL hear the crack of dried up jizz.

$40: The Trapped Souls of Two Victorian Children Who Want to Make Out with Me

Now before any of you come at me with some nonsense like, “Perfect for your doll collection, Sarah!”… never disrespect my doll collection like that again. These two little demons are not welcome in my home and ESPECIALLY not for $40. Chucky and Annabelle can pucker up and kiss my ass.

$10.01: The Worst Collab I’ve Ever Seen

I know Supreme has a cult following or whatever, but why in the actual fuck would you invest in these throat lozenges? There is absolutely no cool way to display these in your collection. Pass.

$20: Comforter That Smells Like Your Grandmother’s Favorite Cigarettes

This comforter has seen some shit. Like maybe actual shit. And it being reversible somehow doesn’t make me feel any better. Like that’s either out facing the world or rubbing against my bare legs. No thank you.

$193.50: $100 (I’m not kidding.)

This $100 bill is being sold for $193.50. I am SPEECHLESS. Like am I missing something?? Did Beyonce wipe her ass with this bill?? If he sells $100 for $193 and I can’t even sell my end tables, I’m done.

Moral of the story: if you’re selling anything, do it ANYWHERE but LetGo. It is the absolute worst. But like… please buy my stuff.



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