My Guide to getting a Bikini Body…

I think going on a ‘bikini diet’ to get ready for swimsuit season is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. I do. Forcing yourself to remain on a strict diet and working out non-stop to fit into 2 tiny pieces of clothing is insane. You know how I get ready for bikini season? I put on my bikini…

I didn’t always have that mindset. I spent years in the rat race of trying to get “bikini body” ready. Every year I’d embark on a crazy workout plan and weight loss regimen in order to try to look like the women on the cover of some summer magazine. Every year I’d fall short of my goal and instead of celebrating and loving myself, I’d wear a t-shirt to the beach in 90 degree weather and refuse to show my body.

I never even wore a bikini in public until I was 32 years old. After years of mindful eating therapy I realized that being thin and a certain number on the scale was not the secret to my happiness. The most insane part!? Was even when I lost the weight I wouldn’t wear a bikini because I didn’t believe I was thin enough or ‘hot’ enough to be exposing myself on the beach.

Have you ever REFUSED to take a picture of yourself because you hated the way you looked? I have…MANY times. Now I look back at many of those photos and think, ‘why did I spend so much time worrying about my weight?’ Why did I give up living life, and saying yes to joy all because of a number on the scale?

I did it because I thought being thin was the key to happiness. If only I looked like a bikini model I’d have a fabulous job on TV, be making lots of money, and of course land the perfect man. It doesn’t work that way. Even when we’re thin we still have to deal with the issues from our past, the stresses of life, and judgement from others.

I changed my mindset five years ago when I started mindful eating therapy. I realized thru therapy that no matter how much I weighed I was never going to be thin enough, pretty enough, or big enough for some people. So, as I like to say now…’let them eat cake!’

Of course, I encourage you to workout, be healthy, and keep your heart fit! But I want you to know this bikini season that you’re gorgeous and perfect if you weigh 120lbs or 350lbs. If you’re tired of the disappointment, rat race, and bikini diet, take this season off. Start by reading one of my favorite mindful eating books: Women Food and God. – this book is great for men too.

If you’re having one moment of doubt I posted some bikini pictures for you…I ate tons of barbecue last night and haven’t done a sit up in 2 weeks. Rock what you got and start discovering what brings you joy…hint: it has nothing to do with the actual weight.

I LOVE YOU and here’s to a fabulous bikini season – let the pictures and facebook photos be posted.

xoxo, Frase

Don’t mind the fact that my mom and I look like an adorable lesbian couple…On the LEFT was when I graduated from college (60 lbs heavier) and on the RIGHT me now



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