Gum Graft Surgery: My experience with Dr. Mary at TDC

Gum Graft Surgery: My experience with Dr. Mary at Total Dental Care. Alright, I am here to tell you I went to see Dr. Mary for my sedation dental gum graft and it turned out great!! Yup, you heard that right. Just look at the before and after pictures I’m dropping below, pretty amazing, right? 

Gum Graft Surgery With TDC
Gum Graft Surgery With TDC

Dr. Mary and Total Dental Care are top docs in Maryland. Located in Germantown, MD Dr. Mary has been a client of the Hey Frase podcast for over a year and I’ve been her patient for that long too. From the moment I met Dr. Mary I just loved how open and real she was. She told me from the start that her mission for her practice was to put the patient first, and that Dr. Mary and her partners had all worked for offices in the past where it was about getting the patient in and out asap. 

Gum Graft Surgery! Here's Dr. Mary on the Left
Gum Graft Surgery! Here’s Dr. Mary on the Left

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Total Dental Care is a brand new office with massage chairs, sedation dentistry, 5-star x-rays, and more. My periodontal surgery was pretty routine but could take up to an hour so Dr. Mary had suggested I try twilight sedation which would involve laughing gas. I took her suggestion and took a Valium the night before and arrived at her office at 7am. I took one more prescription and then got comfy in her chair. Dr. Mary put on my laughing gas mask and off I went. I don’t remember a thing except waking up to my husband holding my hand. 

Dan Taking Care Of Me After Gum Graft Surgery
Dan Taking Care Of Me After Gum Graft Surgery

The procedure went great. Anyone whose had a gum graft knows the procedure itself is easy, it’s the the two weeks after the procedure when you can only eat soft foods that gets a little challenging…oh and nothing hot. I can tell you cool mash potatoes aren’t so great after day 5. However, Dr. Mary was right on it. She called to check in on me, made sure I was feeling ok, and scheduled a follow up appointment. 

When I returned two weeks later for a check up Dr. Mary was thrilled with the results. The graft was doing great and the tooth recession I had experienced was gone! YASSSSS…I don’t need my teeth falling out when I’m 70 thank you 🙂 Ha, that can be one of the side effects of letting your periodontal disease go you could end up losing your teeth. 

Before And After Gum Graft Surgery
Before And After Gum Graft Surgery

The best part about Dr. Mary is that she and her partners never tooth shame you and that’s important. We love to joke and have fun on the Hey Frase Podcast but kindness and empathy matter. You want to walk into a dentist or doctor and know that you’re in good hands, and that they understand if you weren’t able to keep your teeth up in the past. TDC takes almost all forms of insurance too which is nice. Having work done on your teeth can be pricey but TDC also works with you to make a payment plan.

Make your appointment today with Dr. Mary or if you have any questions call her: 240-813-9111 

Love you guys! Comment below if you have ever had periodontal disease of if you’re looking for a new dentist. 

Xo, Sarah

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