Hands of Light Spa…I’m in love with this Holistic Gem

Organic lotions and potions!? Sign me up. That’s exactly what I found when I visited Hands of Light Spa in Vienna, Va for the first time. I had no idea about this hidden gem until they reached out and offered to help me through the stressful period of losing my job and transitioning to my next adventure.

Shirin and Noushin who are sisters and own the spa had suggested that I relax and recharge with their hot pumpkin cinnamon facial with an olive oil rosemary scalp treatment. What I didn’t expect is that they make almost all of their products right there in front of you while you relax and unwind!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

As you know I’m very conscious about what I put on my body. So when Shirin evaluated my skin and then started making the facial with real pumpkin and cinnamon I was shocked. This was the first time I had ever had an organic facial with real pumpkin puree. Not only did it feel good and was so therapeutic it smelled so good I wanted to eat it.

The hot-pumpkin cinnamon facial is natures chemical peel so for 3 minutes get ready cause that cinnamon packs an intense punch but is well worth it. Your skin will feel and LOOK amazing. I’ve had a lot of facials but this organic potion had my skin glowing for days.

They also have a great selection of their own organic homemade products. I’ve been using their Clary Sage Toner (which you can substitute for your MAC Prep + Prime facial spray) and their organic Wild Orange Moisturizer. They smell so fresh and I love not having to worry about putting anything toxic on my skin.

But the ladies don’t keep their lotion and potion recipes to themselves they also offer classes on how to make your own face mask, moisturizer, and more. The entire building complex that Hands of Light Spa is located in is a healing center. With a Yoga studio next door, meditation, reflexology, and of course facials and massage.

If you’re looking to treat yo’self in this New Year I highly recommend making an appointment and trying an organic way of staying young and nurturing your skin. PLUS…a little treat for you. If you call or email to make an appointment at Hands of Light and use the special code ‘FRASER’ you will get 40% off one treatment (not including IET facials).

Let me know what your experience is like and feel free to share any other organic or all natural products that you use or love. Leave a comment below.

Xo, Frase

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  1. Ashley

    Hi Sarah, You must come back to Hand of Light becausssssse, I’m there new massage therapist! Thanks to your awesome blog about this place I went there for one of Shirin’s amazing facials. It was such a cute place and Shirin and her sister Noushin are so sweet. We talked for a while and they asked me to be a part of their spa (the short story). I would like to thank you for bringing us together even though you didn’t know it haha You are awesome!! Also, love love LOVE the #castpod 😉

    1. Ashley

      eww I just noticed I put there instead of their…. lol #dontjudge

  2. That cinnamon pumpkin facial sounds delightful!!

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