What The Health Documentary will SCARE you! I’m DONE.

The other day a listener named Amber emailed me to tell me about a new documentary on Netflix called ‘What The Health.’

Here’s part of the email she sent: “The documentary is TERRIFYING and makes me nervous about the future and the distrust in the government and large companies like the National Diabetes Association and the National Heart Association – companies that “promote” healthy living and eating but then also promote and fund companies that make us physically sick/die through tainted meat distribution and all the antibiotics being pumped into chickens, pigs, cows etc.”

I’m hooked. I’m in. Fire up the documentary. I watched last night and I was so OUTRAGED too. I can’t believe organizations like Susan G. Komen (although, I’ve heard for years they’re frauds) and American Cancer Society take money from the dairy and meat industry which is knowingly killing us thru antibiotics and chemicals they put in foods…even when the meat is free range and organic.

Plus, when you see how food is a race war, the toxic meats that are being raised in predominantly African American and Hispanic areas you’ll be sick. I want Black Lives Matter on the podcast cause the gov’t is knowingly killing more minorities with food than with guns. I could go on and on but watch it this weekend and let me know what you think.

I am going to start going Vegan. I don’t know how to start but I’m starting slowly and I’m going to be kind to myself on this journey, please do the same for yourself. We’re not going to become vegans or stop the gov’t from killing us thru food overnight but with time all change is possible. I’ve been asked to start a facebook group on going vegan which I’m on the fence about. I’m no expert and I don’t know how to start but I’m thinking about!? Such a confusing statement, I know. Urgh

Anyway…LOVE you, sending you healthy vibes. My father died of stomach cancer and my mom is 2 yrs out from beating breast cancer. I don’t want you or anyone in your family to get sick. It’s heartbreaking.

I LOVE when you all email me and send me podcast and life topic ideas. Please keep them coming: sarah@heyfrase.com.

xoxo, Frase


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  1. Gidget

    It’s extremely sad what the food industry is doing….I have learned alot from TTAC (The Truth About Cancer)–with Ty Bollinger—they have a facebook page, website, etc….it is very informative on who is in bed with who…..and extremely sad…..we are all just $$$, and numbers to them….the more they make us sick, the more we need prescriptions, doctors, surgery, chemo, etc……If you have time, TTAC has videos on their website….or contact Ty Bollinger….I am sure he would do an interview. Keep up the amazing work Sarah!!!

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