Here’s the new puppy Samy is adopting!

Sad news friends…over the weekend Samy’s beloved dog Slash died from heart complications. Slash was Samy’s trusted friend for 9 yrs and lived a great life. From hanging with Justin Bieber to smoking a lot of weed he lived a rock star life style.

In memory of Slash I wrote a couple of haikus:


He was a small dog

He could smoke a lot of weed

Puff in peace my friend


Rest in peace slasher

So many talents and tricks

Show me your penis


If you have a haiku to remember and celebrate Slash’s life email:

Also, Samy has already been asked to adopt a puppy named Samy! HA…Samy K isn’t sure he will keep little Samy’s name so we might be doing a naming contest later this week.

Thank you for the love! Xo, Frase


Response (3)
  1. Sorry about Slash. RIP.

  2. Claudia

    Oh noooo 🙁 hugs to Samy. Slash will be forever loved.

  3. Cee

    AWE, RIP Slash! My heart goes out to you Samy. Samy, its wonderful that you are adopting another pet. What kind of dog is it?

    Sarah, you are soooooo funny!

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