Hey Frase 198 Podcast – ‘Oreo’

Are you and your family super close to the point where you choose to sleep all together during vacation? Hear Sarah’s hilarious sleeping arrangements with her fam up in Maine and why she loves it. Millennials are now posting “divorce selfies”….what!? Plus, Usher’s herpes drama, and we also talk controversial racial topics and why our new intern Joelle who’s black only dates white men.

Link to PODCAST Episode 198!!!

Read more about Millenials and their “divorce selfies in this article.

This Essence article starts a debate about the sexism women of color face.

Buying an engagement ring or celebrating a special anniversary soon? Mervis is running an awesome promotion where you get the opportunity to go on your honeymoon at half-price. Paul and I had so much fun hanging out with them and trying on some bling.

Images by @joffoto

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