Hey Frase – Episode 203 – “Too Much Sex”

WARNING! This week’s episode is Rated R//for mature audiences only with sex talk galore, but Paul and I had so much fun. There’s truly never a dull moment in our Clarendon Pacers studio. Aside from sharing the status of our sex lives (TMI), did Paul really get catfished? Also, are women in their 30’s already losing ambition and feeling disheartened in the workforce? — Our own Intern AJ says she’s ready to retire LOL. Plus, you guys know me and my love for documentaries. Hear my new docu. obsession and where to watch it weekly!

And did you guys see the dreamy Gainesville, Florida cops helping out after Irma’s wrath?  (Check their pic out below) AJ explains more along with other news and pop culture stories.

We are also joined by Economist Jeremy Lerman who blessed us with his wealth of knowledge on immigration and the DACA.

All that and so much more on today’s packed show!!! Thanks for all the love and support guys. We love to hear from you.




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